A New Year, a New Me: Running for Beginners

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The time for New Year’s resolution is just around the corner and we can bet “an active lifestyle” is going to be on it. Running is an activity that most people decide to take up in the new year but the bitter January cold makes them quit after just a single week. Beginners in the fine sport of running should, therefore, know a couple of things before the set out to become a better version of themselves in 2020.

Motivation is essential

We are not arguing that you don’t want to take up running but in order to persevere, you should be extra motivated. The trick to stay motivated for weeks and months to come lies in three simple steps: making a plan, keeping the running sessions regularly, and not forgetting to reward yourself. Pen all the days you will run in a single week, plan the route, and clear your schedule so you would feel extra motivated.

Never stop moving

Every good bodybuilder will tell you that exercising and dieting right are just one-third of body sculpting. Likewise, actually running is the tip of the iceberg of the benefits physical activity brings to your health. Apart from jogging in the park, you should start taking the stairs instead of the elevator and not driving 500 meters if you want to get a bag of chips. In fact, you should alter your diet as well.

Gearing up

Once you attain the willpower and star leading a healthies and more active lifestyle, you need to gear up. Running is an ideal New Year’s resolution because you needn’t purchase expansive gear. A pair of running shoes, a fitness tracker, and proper apparel is everything you need. In order to get the best deal, see more on WalkJogRun where you’ll find tests that compare the best running gear on the market.

Prolong the run

One of the biggest dilemmas novice runners faces is whether to run faster or longer. The former builds endurance, while the latter builds up your stamina and steed. However, running faster and faster is more of a thing for professional athletes. As a beginner, you should try to prolong your run by running ever longer and further. Even 10 meters more every day is a big step forwards (pun intended) toward your goal of perhaps running a half-marathon.

Buddy up!

If you still suspect your level of motivation to drop this January, you have the option to find a running buddy. Running alongside another person, especially if they adore jogging, will help you stay focused and motivated enough in the first days and weeks after you start running. Furthermore, they advise you regarding the best routes, gear, breathing techniques, etc.

Finally, you need to take this New Year’s resolution seriously. Buying a new laptop or a car is a single activity, while running requires passion and dedication. Once you run for the first time, run for the second, and third time as well or you risk losing momentum due to a drop in motivation.

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