Advantages of Estimating Software Compared To Manual Estimating



The Construction software assists contractors in projecting the costs of Construction for a specific project. Estimates are made by calculating material costs, labor costs, subcontractor costs, and equipment costs to find and submit a bid price for a project. There are many advantages to using the software in the estimating process. Some of the capabilities of this software are to:


Create Takeoffs


It is an estimating program that allows constructors to use blueprints to identify the scope of the project efficiently. When the range is determined, constructors can reverse engineer back to a parts list and more reliably create data-driven price estimates. The same process applies to labor costs. As someone breaks a job into smaller sub-components, he can accurately project costs.


Create “what if” scenarios


Assuming you are bidding on road construction, let’s say you have the measurements of the road, but maybe you need to present your customer with choice materials. A flexible program will assist you in creating two different scenarios showing the cost for each, not only in labor and materials needed but also maintenance over the life span. Sometimes maybe you are remodeling a kitchen for a customer. The ability to quickly swap in and out different countertops, cabinet styles and appliances, without redoing the whole bid allows someone both to adapt to changing customer demands flexibly and to do so quickly.


Access Historical Data


Even though the brain is a fantastic thing, it’s not going to remember every aspect of all your previous bids, having a computerized database of prior estimates and bids is essential. A stored built-in historical database can allow you to verify coast, quantities, and crew and machine productivity data from previous projects. Construction estimating & management software is all about saving time. No need to redesign the wheel every moment you want to build one if you already got the blueprint at your fingertips.


Besides, estimates generated via such software will turn into a construction contract and will lead to the management of the project itself. It will help architects, engineers, and construction managers when using cost estimating software in the construction field for overall bid management but also on any necessity to create a cost estimate. Beyond job cost estimation, the software can also provide payment tracking, building schedules and report generating.


Historical Estimating           


It offers historical estimation by using inputs from previously performed work to inform likely costs of current job work. Its Capabilities enable the translation of job cost estimates into a client-facing quote or proposal documentation. It also presents the Calculation of material costs basing on defined material rate costs and input of quantity requirements.


In summary, the software reduces labor costs by saving time spent on preparing job estimates. It also improves the ability to ensure project profitability by producing more reliable estimates using what we call automated calculations and historical performance data. Lastly, with construction estimating & management software, higher bid win rates by turning around quotes to clients more efficiently and reduced job costs through the identification of cost control strategies such as more strategic sub-contracting, careful job selection, and alternative material sourcing.



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