Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Update


The benefits from doing prenatal yoga are numerous. A pregnant woman doing this type of yoga is getting adequate exercise to help her stay active. She is performing yoga moves that are safe during pregnancy. This type of exercise helps a mother-to-be relax, in addition to helping her prepare for the process of childbirth. Prenatal yoga can be done in different locations. As the pregnancy progresses, a pregnant woman will need to change the type of stretches performed because of changes to her body.

It is a smart decision to decide to do prenatal yoga. A person can make the decision to do this type of yoga at home or by visiting a yoga studio. A person deciding to practice yoga at home can purchase DVDs about prenatal yoga. Visiting a yoga studio can help women who are new to yoga because it provides them the opportunity to work with an instructor to get proper training on the moves. An instructor will also be able to help them learn how to breathe throughout the moves. A pregnant woman should practice yoga at least 3 times a week.

During pregnancy, the body is constantly changing. There are certain poses that pregnant women can do to relieve pain or improve their resting position. To help alleviate back pain a person taking prenatal yoga would benefit from the position called Pelvic tilt or Cat-Cow. Another beneficial position taught is the side-lying position. This is a great resting pose where a person relaxes and practices breathing exercises. The pelvis is opened by doing certain poses like the squatting and the Cobbler’s pose.

With each new trimester, a pregnant woman becomes less balanced. This woman needs to take precaution when doing certain prenatal yoga moves. When a woman reaches the second trimester it is not recommended to hold yoga poses for an extended period. During the third trimester, a woman should only practice the standing yoga poses. Props should also be used to maintain balance. Prenatal Yoga is a great way to strengthen muscles, tone the body and learn great breathing techniques. All of these things are beneficial during childbirth.


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