Choosing the Best Golf Irons for You


Most golfers will take great care in selecting the perfect driver but are happy to play with a second-hand set of hand-me-down irons that they have had for over 10 years.  Considering you are far more likely to use your driver around a dozen times, at most in a round of golf, and hit up to 40 iron shots, it definitely makes sense to take the time to choose the perfect irons for your golf game.  If you’re currently considering purchasing a new set of golf irons, here’s what you need to consider.

Game Improvement, Cavity Backs or Blade Irons?

Golf irons come in a variety of styles, which are all designed to suit different capabilities.  If you choose blades, these are aimed at the best ball strikers.  This type of iron offers little to no forgiveness when you don’t hit the centre of the club. If you’re looking for a good degree of playability, then you should check out cavity backs. An off-centre hit with a cavity back will be less harshly punished.  Lastly, super-game improvement models will often be made with a wider sole.  This makes the club more offset and its hollow body will help you to launch shots into the air.

Forged or Cast Irons?

Regardless of the type of iron you eventually choose, at some point during its construction it will have been shaped form molten metal.  There are two main types of club to consider.  Forged irons come from billets of steel.  The steel is stamped under massive force into the shape of a club-head. This process is thought to align the structure more closely, which offers a superior feel. Alternatively, cast heads are created by molten steel being poured into molds. In recent years, casting technology has advanced, and it is now thought that the type of steel used today combined with the heating process means a cast head can now have the same feel as a forged iron.

The Sole of Your Golf Club

It’s important that you consider the sole of your golf club.  If you choose an iron with a wider sole, this means there will be more weight lower down, which will help you to get your shots airborne.  A wider sole is usually used for a game improvement iron.  A narrower sole will often be found on better player irons.

Is Offset Important?

A large amount of offset on an iron is typically found in game improvement clubs.  This will set the face behind the hosel, which gives you more time to square the face of your club at impact.

Purchasing Your Golf Clubs Online

Nowadays, it is incredibly easy to purchase a new set of irons.  You don’t have to make time to take a trip to a local golf store, as you can now find every type of golf club online.  It’s super easy to purchase golf clubs online and with such a huge selection available to pick and choose from, you’ll easily be able to find the right irons for you.

By: Nina Mosely

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