Five Things that Could Threaten Your Lawsuit



From the moment you file a lawsuit, you’ll need to be careful about your actions. One small error may have magnanimous effects on the outcome of your lawsuit. Failing to have a proper understanding of how to carry yourself during a case is detrimental.

The simplest of mistakes could compromise a chance to recover the compensation you need to get back to life as usual. A once-promising case could take a three-sixty turn to turmoil. Here is a list of five things that could threaten your lawsuit.


1. Failing to Stay Honest with Your Attorney

An attorney is a guardian angel when you have a lawsuit; failing to be honest with your lawyer can ultimately jeopardize your lawsuit. When it comes to lawsuits, a half-truth is as good as a lie. Therefore, ensure you tell your attorney everything that relates to the case. Any details left out can be used by the other party against you.

All information includes even what you don’t find favorable. Do not attempt to hide such information. When you are upfront with your lawyer about all details, you allow the attorney to build you the most vital lawsuit possible.


2. Careless Posting on Social media

Your posts on Social media could make or break your case. Posts you make on social media can be used as evidence against you. Any information collected from public websites amounts to prime material for investigations by defense attorneys. Having a private account isn’t full proof, since the attorneys may find the means to get pictures, videos, or texts you post to help their client avoid full responsibility.

Social media usage could get perilous, especially in personal injury cases. For instance, the defense may reference pictures of you having fun to prove that you aren’t as injured as you claim. It is essential to ask your attorney about your social media usage, especially how it can affect your case. Inquire about what you should avoid posting or whether to suspend your social media usage altogether.


3. Signing Documents Without Consulting Your Lawyer

When you’re handed a document to sign, you may feel that the process is as simple as signing it. It’s easy to assume that all the information in the document is as straight-forward as it seems. However, many companies, often insurance companies, will have complicated and smartly hidden clauses in the fine print. Before signing anything regarding your suit, speak to your attorney.

Lawyers can see cleverly placed statements that may be protecting the defense from claims. Like insurance companies, many companies could have clauses that make you sign away your rights to pursue any suitcase against them. Have an attorney always go through contracts you’re getting into; you never know which of these may lead to a future lawsuit.


4. Trusting Your Instincts

If the law is not your expertise, you highly depend on your instinct and that of your lawyer. You’ll need a professional every step of the way if you want to succeed in your lawsuit.

An attorney will help you navigate the maze of claims, statements, and paperwork that come with the case. No matter how innocent and straightforward a question from the defense may seem, only trust the instinct that tells you to consult with your attorney. When answering any questions, your mantra should be “let me talk to my lawyer, then get back to you.”


5. Failing to Inform the Police

Informing the police is an essential step while dealing with personal injury cases like accidents on the road, workplace, or even private property. Regardless of how big or small, you think the case is, ensure you call the police. Failing to call the police means that no fact is taken in real-time. Facts to a case are left wide open.

Cases, where the police didn’t record the facts, can lead to opponents changing the stories. Calling the police allows you the advantage of having the police collect the most truthful information. Witnesses can also give very credible information since people tend to get very candid in the wake of things.


So, What Should You Do?

Start by not doing all that is listed above. Second, seek a qualified, successful law firm like Rafidi, Pallante & Melewski, and explain all the details of your lawsuit and leave out nothing. Share all the documents on your case including videos, images, receipts. Your lawyer will decide which will work as evidence in your favor.



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