Get Your Girlfriend Back the Easy Way

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"I miss my girlfriend. Does that sound like you? Is this the question that's burning you up from the inside out?

Breaking up sucks! That's an understatement when the plan to split is not yours, but your ex's. If she surprises you by ending things, you may react on instinct rather than with a tried and true plan.

Avoid Major Mistakes to Win Your Girlfriend Back

Some guys handle a breakup by doing everything they can think of to get an ex girlfriend back. This may including buying jewelry, sending flowers, begging and pleading, calling all her friends or even stalking. It can get ugly!

Then there are men who deal with a break up by trying to forget. They start drinking more, using other girls to "fill the void," partying all the time, spending money recklessly. Obviously, this just adds larger problems to the misfortune of a broken heart.

Then there are the lazy guys who give up too easily. They'd rather deal with heartache than to do what it takes to get her back. These guys do not want to be broken up, but they're not willing to jump through hoops to fix things. But what if she's worth a few hoops?

Get Your Girlfriend Back the Easy Way

Lucky for you, great lessons have been learned from guys who handle a breakup the wrong way. You get to avoid common mistakes AND you do not have to enlist yourself in the quest to get back together with your girlfriend. With a proven plan, you can get her to come running back to you. Here are a few expert tips:

  • Stop calling for now. You do not want to chase her around or push her away, so start with the simplest step of all: Do not call her. This may sound easy at first, but it can be really hard when your deepest male instincts say to DO SOMETHING to get her back. Your happiness is at stake, right? Well, of course it is. But this plan requires you to start with non-action. In those Hollywood romance films, you see the guy chasing after his girlfriend, saying all the right things to make her give in. Well, in real life, chasing a girl who's just told you to drop dead can get you a restraining order. How about approaching things this way: Step aside for a while, allowing her room to cool down and time to think about the relationship. Unless you've been screwing up the whole time, she'll remember the good points and start to miss them. Moreover, she will start to miss you.
  • Make wonderful changes. If you let yourself go a bit in the relationship, a few minor changes in appearance might help to both increase your confidence and get your girlfriend back. You may not realize it, but women really do notice this stuff. Start with something small like a nice haircut, a new jacket or nice pair of pants. Maybe even a teeth whitening treatment that improves your smile. Next, take things up a notch by drinking less beer, avoiding the late night pizza. Lift some weights (nothing major), join a gym, or play basketball games to help tone your upper body. You do not have to become some buff heavyweight, but you can create noticeable changes quickly with just a little extra effort.
  • Wait for her to come to you. Once you've given her space and used the time to improve your appearance, make her come to you. If you have mutual friends or live in a small town, people will surely take the news of your changes back to your ex girlfriend. If not, you can take a few small steps to orchestrate it yourself. All you need to do is socialize regularly, go to places you both love, find ways to run into her friends. You can also post pictures on social media, just showing that you're feeling good and looking your best.

Your ex girlfriend will go crazy imagining that you're better without her. She'll wonder what all has changed, why you're having more fun than ever, and whether or not you miss her. She'll want to see you for herself; and she'll find it harder and harder to resist the urge to call you. Once she makes that call or text, you're in! Now, you just need to say the right thing to make her realize you are Mr. Right.


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