How Canvas Prints Can Spruce Up Your Living Space

by Lily White
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Different trends come and go when it comes to home interior and design. But one style that’s most likely here to stay is canvas prints. These types of images can lend a timeless and chic look to your décor. They’re easily customizable, which is perfect for accommodating your choice of theme. Whether it’s modern contemporary, traditional, mid-century, Scandinavian, or eclectic, you can expect the prints to match your chosen style effortlessly and beautifully. (1) (2)

Sprucing up your living space takes more than just an acquired taste. It’s more of a characterization of your style and a reflection of your personality. Fortunately, canvas prints have quite the potential to allow you to be flexible and creative when using them as decorative pieces. After all, the prints are more than just wall accents. They’re a form of art that can help you create the ambiance you want to achieve for your home. (1) (3)

Canvas prints are images or photos you can print onto canvas, and you can decide on the size and orientation you want for the snaps. If you’re new to using this type of home accent for your furnishing, you may be wondering how it can elevate your nest. Surely, you can’t just join the bandwagon of canvas print enthusiasts without knowing how they can benefit your home. So if you wish to learn more about canvas prints and how they can spruce up your living space, here’s a guide that could help.

Creating a focal point

When decorating your interior, remember that each room you work on needs to have a focal point. Essentially, it’s that design element that would catch the attention and interest of any person walking into the room. Having a focal point is one way you can instantly upgrade the appeal of any given space, and custom canvas prints can do that for you. (4)

In the same sense, a spot lacking life can get a makeover without any major renovation. All you need is a set of framed art you can arrange to create an accent wall that features bold colors, prints, and patterns. Since canvas prints are flexible enough, they can match any existing interior theme you may have. (2)

On the flip side, it may also be an excellent way to create an interesting contrast in your space. For example, if you’re a minimalist but want to add a pop of color to your living room, painting your walls white or gray is a good starting point. Then to add a burst of vibrance, place canvas prints that feature bold colors and eclectic art styles. Looking at it more closely, the result is a combination of simple and daring. (5)

Bringing out the mood of your choice

Setting the mood is crucial when decorating any given space. You can consider this a technique for identifying the purpose of a particular room. For instance, if you want your library to have a serious yet comfy mood, it has to have a quiet environment and one that’s conducive for reading. At the same time, it also has to be comfortable enough to make you feel relaxed and in the zone. (5)

The same way works for canvas prints in terms of helping you set the mood for your living space. For example, for your bedroom, you’d want the atmosphere to be soothing, like it’s lulling you to sleep. In this case, abstract, landscapes, inspirational, and sunset canvas prints can accomplish this goal. (1)

But as not everyone feels the same way about a particular art piece, you’re free to use whatever images you find fitting and interesting. Of course, what other people may consider soothing may, however, make you feel uneasy. And the same is true the other way around. What’s best is to follow your instincts and decide based on how you want things to unfold for a given space.

Standing out in unexpected places

One feature of canvas prints that’s worthy to mention is their ability to stand out in areas you don’t expect them to do so. Truly, your walls can be an ideal spot to hang these types of art. But it doesn’t mean you can no longer explore and think of ways to use them as décor in other areas of your home. (1)

Think about what other sections in your house need more accent. Are there spots you may have forgotten to decorate or areas you have a hard time styling? One example could be the empty space under your stairs.

You’ve probably left that corner in your house without use for a while now, or perhaps you’re having a hard time figuring out what else to do with it. But why not try placing a low coffee table and hanging a mid-sized canvas print right above it? The tabletop could also use a beautiful jar of fresh flowers or maybe an indoor plant variety of your choice. It’s something that could add value to what could have been an abandoned spot in your house, suddenly giving this area an aesthetic purpose. (6)

Giving you an option to personalize

It could be quite a dilemma to decide what image to pick when buying pieces of framed art, including canvas prints. Or maybe you have a particular image in mind, but you can’t seem to find it anywhere even after combing through every gallery, online resource, and art store you may find. In that case, why not simply personalize and make your own canvas prints? (3)

With personalized canvas prints, you can decide on any design and images and style them in whatever way you want. You can easily select the color, pattern, size, and theme, making it much easier to match the prints with your existing interior style.

If you decide to go for an eclectic style, for instance, you can just print the images you want and have them framed right away. Eclectic is a combination of pieces from different styles. And since it’s not defined by specific rules and structure, it’s your chance to incorporate your character and personality into your canvas prints. It’s one way you can show off the things you love and value, as long as the overall design looks cohesive. (4)

You can also match the canvas prints with your furniture make, carpet color, and even the season of the year. If you don’t like the usual prints, you can always opt to be extra personalized by printing photos of you and your family. You could create a collage display on one corner of your wall and let the prints do the talking. Guests would surely love an opportunity to peek into your private life by looking at the photos you’ve printed and framed for your wall. (3) (4)

Striking a balance

Imagine a bedroom that’s always dark and quiet—you’ll probably picture out a scary or distressing movie scene. Even when it’s not the mood you want to convey, others may appreciate things differently than you do. In this case, one solution is to try to strike a balance by placing wall art like canvas prints.

With a dark and quiet room, you can ensure balance by adding canvas prints that are light, happy, and radiant. Don’t let the dark and empty wall give you away. Do something about it so you and your decorating flair could meet halfway. As you go along, you’ll learn more about how you can create harmony and balance in your overall interior design. (1)

Another example of a room where you can apply this technique is your bathroom. There’s a tendency to put minimal decorative elements in a bathroom, making it look dreary and uninteresting. To solve this, try to hang a large framed canvas print somewhere, preferably above the sink. This will give the uninspiring ambiance quite an interesting turn.

Making room for more decorative elements

As you work on sprucing up your living space through canvas prints, you’ll come to realize you’re actually getting more creative ideas in the process. You’ll find that the artwork paves the way for more creativity and style.

One example is when hanging a large framed print on your wall. After doing it, you’ll notice you can enhance the look more by adding floating shelves below or above it. Before you know it, your mind is already busy crafting ideas about what to put on those shelves or how you can refine their appeal. You may also suddenly think of surrounding the frames with mirrors or tapestries. (4)

It’s as if canvas prints are giving you the inspiration and kick you need to go on with the makeover. It means you’re not limited to displaying framed pieces since you can never tell when your creative juices will come bursting. (3)

Final words

Your home is like an empty canvas. It takes creativity, style, and personality to transform it into something you’ll appreciate and be proud of. To incorporate your own flair, artistry, and character into your home, you can use canvas prints as decorative elements to complete the ambiance of your living space. With the list above, you’re now aware of how canvas prints can be an asset by turning your house into a place you’ll be excited to come home to.


By Daniela Crimson

Bio: Daniela Crimson is a freelance interior designer who works for different brands and companies. She also likes to share her expertise through blogging. In her free time, Daniela likes to surf, hike, camp, and dive.



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