How To Draw A Face With Numbers And Letters, A Tutorial For Children




Before se start to draw, better for you to have all these easy things to draw. They would be:

  1. Pencil
  2. Eraser
  3. A4 size paper
  4. Your imagination

Term and Condition

We need to have good understanding about all terms we used next. They would be directions, measure unit, method and your mood. The last thing I mentioned is very important. Be sure you are in a good mood, because you will not get your best if you are in negative emotion.

We need same perception about directions too, because if we do not, you'll do an opposite of what I instruct you to. So the directions are based on you, not the paper. When I say right side, then it means right side of your body, so does when I say left side. The same thing occurred when we talk about up and down.

Measure unit we will use is inch, since you maybe more familiar with it. Centimeter is more detail than inch, but I'm afraid you're not getting used to it. So what about the method? No complicated method, just follow my instructions seriously.

Lets Draw

Take your paper and put on a flat surface of table. Hold your pencil as you hold it with your favorite style, please not to stress your finger, just relax. So here they are:

  1. First of all, make a center point of your drawing media. For instance, use the center point of your paper. Make a slight point on your paper by your pencil.
  2. From your center point, make one inch slight line to the right.
  3. Make it one inch slight line to the left too.
  4. Rotate your paper 90 degrees, clockwise.
  5. In the bottom of the slight line you made, write down this number "9" with one inch height.
  6. Next, rotate your paper 180 degrees, counter clockwise.
  7. Now just write number "6" as big as number "9" you have made.
  8. Now, rotate your paper 90 degrees, clockwise. Can not you guess what object you have made? I'm sure you are.
  9. From the center point, make two inch length slim line.
  10. Rotate your paper 180 degrees counter clockwise, and find your paper upside down.
  11. Next to do is makes a dot or point, half inch from center point.
  12. Make a number "7" from its bottom side and up. How high your number "7" is as high as the slight vertical line you've made.
  13. Rotate your paper once more as 180 degrees counter clockwise, and then see what you draw. Can you see what the shape?
  14. Yes you are seeing a couple of eyes looking to left side and a nose below them.
  15. Now get your face image an emotion. It is up to you whether make the face cheer or sad.
  16. When you want make it cheers, just imagine letter "U" for smile. But if you prefer to make it sad, imagine letter "n" for glum.
  17. Decide your letter and make it wide. Draw it about 2 inches or even wider under the nose and you'll find mouth with expression you decided before.
  18. OK, your face is almost done. Now you need to add outline for all those you have draw. The outline will be letter "O".
  19. I'll not give you a specific size of that letter "O". Have some courage to make it proportionally with objects inside it.
  20. If you done with that letter "O" or the outline, now it is time to give it a couple of ears. Put your tip of pencil on the right side outline straight to the eyes and make 2 inches height number "9". For the left side, do the same but flip the shape of number "9" horizontally.
  21. Now you already have a basic face draw. Erases the slight lines you have been made gently.
  22. Add any lines you need to make it better or even modified the objects so it will be further better shape.

Trust me, those step is a basic method to draw a basic face. If you have handled this very well I'll continue to give advance tutorials.



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