How To Increase Productivity As A Real Estate Appraiser



It’s not easy to be a Real Estate Appraiser, especially if you’re trying to be the one in a highly competitive market. Appraising the value of a property involves deep and careful examination of multiple properties, data gathering from multiple sources and combining that data together in a systematic way for creating appraisal reports which will be sent to the lender/client. But what appraisers don’t realize is that they can boost their productivity by two folds if they utilize some facilities which have been created specifically for them. I’ve seen appraisers who spend thousands of dollars for getting software developed that makes their work easier. Now by no means I’m saying that you should do the same, but I’m going to discuss about a few things which can be used by busy appraisers for boosting their productivity.

  1. By using software developed for appraisal purposes: ACI, Narrative1, a la mode and HomePuter are just a few examples of software which have been developed specially for Real Estate appraisers. These software solutions can help you in automating several tasks according to your requirements. Whether it’s data gathering, form filling or report creation, there’s a software to make it easier thanks to the advancement in technology. You can use some organization related software too for maximum results.
  2. Go Mobile!: In the last decade we saw some major changes in our lifestyle which made our life easier due to the innovation in consumer electronics industry. Now we’ve smaller but powerful devices in the form of smartphones and tablets which can perform most tasks of a computer and can be carried anywhere easily. So why don’t you use these devices for making your work easier? For making the scenario even better there are a whole host of apps available for these devices which can be downloaded for performing several specific tasks. You can find several apps for data gathering, form filling, photo capturing, notes taking, measurement, sketching, highlighting and even for map creation. These apps can help you a lot in decreasing the paper load when you go at a site for appraisal and can also save you a lot of time.
  3. By using appraisal data entry services for creating reports: As an appraiser your work should be to find the value of properties. Lengthy appraisal reports that turn you into sketch artist or typist are the biggest productivity killers in most cases. Why? Because creating them is a terribly time consuming task. And no software can create those reports with accuracy so it’s a must to create them by humans. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this – you can outsource your report creation work to a firm that provides appraisal data entry services. There are many such firms out there in the market, but be careful in choosing one and look twice on the background of that firm. These firms usually hire appraisal assistants who work with you for creating your appraisal reports. It’s wise to do the appraisal by yourself and leave the data entry to a third party firm.



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