Important Components Pre-Workout Supplements Should Have



Weightlifters need vast amounts of focus and energy to supplement their intensive workouts. Thus, pre-workout supplementation and nutrition are essential to help achieve these objectives. If you’re one of the many serious weightlifters, understand that your pre-workout period is also the same time your muscle growth is promoted. Meaning; to commensurate these growths, muscle protein synthesis should frequently happen before, during, and after your workouts.


There are several pre-workout supplementations today, like the ones offered at ATP Science. These supplements are packed with high-performance ingredients aimed at building one’s muscles. When you do a pre-workout before you crank out your first rep, your muscle-building increases. You boost your energy for better endurance, you improve your focus and mental alertness, your protein degradation is significantly minimized, and your fat oxidation is enhanced.


Finding the Right Supplement

When looking for an effective pre-workout supplement, it pays to do your research. Today, most of the ultimate pre-workout energizers come with different performance nutrients in adequate quantities.  Here are standout ingredients you should check to find the best pre-workout products.


Creatine. This ingredient provides optimum workout performance on so many levels. Creatine works by increasing your body’s ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate, a component critical for energy production) in the muscle cells. Thus, you can achieve higher intensity levels for longer durations.


Creatine is also the ingredient that improves your strength levels while at the same time, counters your fatigue. That way, you can easily lift more weight before your muscles tap out. The most recommended and preferred choice to these days is pre-workout products with creatine monohydrate is a crucial ingredient.


Beta-Alanine. This component works hand in hand with creatine. This is the precursor to amino carnosine, the body’s lactic acid. When your body has low levels of muscle carnosine, your training output is considerably lessened. Along with carnosine, beta-alanine is there to saturate the body’s muscles, therefore, improving your anaerobic production and reducing your muscle pain.


Hordenine. This is a powerful stimulant to the central nervous system and is proven effective to strip off body fat. Hordenine activates the release of norepinephrine to achieve better fight-or-flight responses needed to prepare your body for action. When this ingredient is activated, it’s said to give you superhuman energy in ways where the physical resources of your body falter typically. Also, hordenine liberates thru lipid from adipose tissues and norepinephrine.


Octopamine. Known as a nootropic compound, octopamine is hailed because of its ability to improve your focus and enhance your drive. This also serves as a neurohormone, a neurotransmitter, and a neuromodulator to increase your training intensity and mental alertness.


However, octopamine is not suitable for competitive athletes as the possibility of them failing in the urine test is very high. This component is included in the banned substance list of WADA.


Caffeine. This is a staple of pre-workout supplements and has long been proven to improve blood circulation and increase nutrient and oxygen transportation to working muscles. Caffeine also helps minimize workout-induced pain so that training time can be extended. While caffeine gives you better focus and mental arousal, be aware that the amount of this substance should range between 200 and 300mg. Too much caffeine can cause you to become nervous, jittery, and even edgy.


When looking for the best pre-workout supplements, you have several options like ATP science. But before buying, it’s best to study the basics first so you’ll have better and informed decisions. Check out this athletic greens review on how it can boost your muscle growth.



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