Learn and Master Painting Lessons – Selecting a Home Study Oil Painting Course

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We all want to Learn and Master what we learn in art courses whether they are home study or at a university or even at a local art center. Your painting lessons should receive just as much care and attention. Here are some points to consider when selecting a home study oil painting course.

Does the painting course cover your current painting skills?

Many painting lessons are only for a certain skill level. Perhaps one is just for a beginner. Another painting course might assume that you already know how to clean brushes, how to make different brush strokes, etc. It is important to get painting lessons that start at or below your current painting ability so if you are intermediate you need a course that starts at a beginner or intermediate level.

Do the painting lessons progress in difficulty?

A solid professional painting course will teach you starting with the lowest level of difficulty to the highest as advertised. A course that skips around in difficulty could stump a beginner and bore a more advanced painting student. A painting course that is designed for beginners in mind needs to start by teaching us how to mix paint, how to load paint on a brush, and how to clean brushes. If it started with a student trying to paint a still life, the student would only become frustrated. You need to select a painting course that lets you progress from least to most challenging difficulty.

Does the painting course include DVD video?

Your painting lessons need to contain full length video on DVD. Short video clips do not cut it! To learn and master oil or acrylic painting you need to be able to see and watch a painting lesson from start to finish in video. A short clip is lacking and if a painting course video is not on DVD, it is most likely of poor quality and will probably only look OK at a low resolution which is not good when you are trying to see where the paint brush goes!

Is the painting teacher's voice clear and are his or her instructions easy to understand?

To master oil painting, you need to be able to clearly hear and understand the artist's voice. He or she needs to be able to clearly and concisely explain what to do. If the audio is poor or if the directions are vague, you will not get much benefit from the course.

Does the painting course include a lesson book?

While painting lesson videos are great, to learn and master painting it is so important to have a lesson or workbook to quickly show you what will be covered in each painting lesson and tell you what painting supplies will be required to carry out the exercise. For example, a still life painting lesson will require specific brushes, and an object to be drawn like a bowl of fruit or a cut flower. It will also require specific painting colors. A lesson book is essential for a student to be prepared!


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