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The Enterprises working with mainframe systems should have a comprehensive list of the mainframe software available in the market to meet specific needs. Following is a short list of software used in the mainframe environment for serving various purposes:

• Batch Management


A product of UNICOM systems. It’s a menu-driven software, which is used to create and maintain the file definitions under CICS environment.


AUTONOM/Log Analyzer, also a UNICOM product, is a batch utility to generate compile information for determining the problem occurred and tune the performance.


o Advanced Debugging System

Developed by Gary Bergman Associates, Inc. It’s used for debugging at both source and object areas.

o BatchCICS-Connect

A vendor supported utility, developed by Document Systems Inc. integrates the batch processing with any CICS data source, transaction or program.


This utility from Circle Computer Group LLC allows CICS applications to run on Internet.

o CICS Application transformation tools

These tools from IBM help to extend the CICS data and application as per demand without changes. The other IBM utilities include Subsystem Management tools, Transaction Server for z/OS V3.1, Transaction Gateway etc.


This SDS software lets you open and close (allocate and deallocate) CICS files from batch with no JCL changes.

• Dataset / DASD Management


This product of Innovation Data Processing is used to automate the disk volume backup in case of the dataset update.

o Disk Space Analyzer

To improve the system performance Disk Space Analyzer from Macro 4 manages the disk space efficiently and systematically.

o Fast DASD Erase

This NewEra product erases the test data after completion of the disaster recovery test.


FASTCPK from Innovation Data Processing consolidates the volume free space into contiguous areas, merges the sequential, PDS, DB2, VSAM dataset extents, releases unused space within these datasets and last but not the least, analyses the VTOC for detecting logical errors.


It is a complete DASD management system from Innovation Data Processing, which supports latest technological changes from IBM and other vendors to fine tune the system performance.

• Job / JCL Management

o (E)JES

This JES management interface from Phoenix Software International enables the collection, view and manipulation of JES spool data, resources and parameters by the authorized users only.


This ASG Software Solutions product enforces JCL standards and validation and ensures that the production JCL environment is error-free.

o JCL Analyzer

JCL Analyzer, developed by CSI International, enables quick identification of Program, Dataset, JCLLIB, Procedure and Include used in the jobs.

• Schedule Management

o ASG- Workload Scheduler

ASG- Workload Scheduler is responsible for the cross-platform scheduling between mainframe and Windows NT and/or UNIX environment.

• Security

o Administrator

This Vanguard utility provides administration, reporting and data mining tools.


Innovation Data Processing has developed this software for encryption of FDR, ABR full-volume, dataset backups and FDRDSF, thus protecting the backup data from unauthorized users.

o SDS VitalSigns for FTP & SSH

Complete and effortless FTP security for all file transfers and Data-in-Transit

• Tape Management

o IBM Tivoli Automated Tape Allocation Manager for z/OS

It addresses the availability issues of tape devices directly and helps minimizing the backlog of job requests.

o Tape/Copy

Open Tech Systems Inc. has developed this utility to migrate, consolidate and provide location management of tape datasets.

o Virtual Data Recovery

This software solution from Open Tech Systems Inc. automates the creation and recovery of cataloged backups of virtual tape backup data.

o CA 1 Tape Management

This utility provides automated tape management tasks ensuring control and protection of tape volumes and datasets.


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