May the Fourth be with you! 15 <em>Star Wars</em> gifts that will rock any fan’s galaxy

May the Fourth be with you! 15 Star Wars gifts that will rock any fan’s galaxy

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May the Fourth be with you!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we began rounding up some of the coolest Star Wars gifts you can find online in honor of Star Wars Day, which falls on May 4 every year. Whether you’re (Han) solo shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for a diehard fan, these picks are sure to rock your galaxy. Keeping scrolling to shop our favorite Star Wars gear, including these fun droid salt and pepper shakers (no Jedi mind tricks here).

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

BB-8 Coffee Mug

Give The Force Awakens a whole new meaning with a cup of coffee from this adorable mug sculpted to look like droid BB-8.
Buy it! Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 Coffee Mug, $12.99 at

Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker

What travels faster than the Millenium Force through hyperspace? Not much, except maybe the tunes from this Millenium Force-inspired Bluetooth speaker. Tell Han Solo to crank up the music.
Buy it! Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker, $47.92 with code HT20 (orig. $59.90) at

Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers

These are the droids you’re looking for! Shake a little Star Wars flavor onto every meal with these R2-D2 and R2-Q5 salt and pepper shakers.  
Buy it! Star Wars Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers, $11.43 at

BB-8 Roll With It Hat 

These customizable hats from the Disney store come in 11 different colors and are under $15, so you can just roll with it like BB-8, no matter what you’re wearing.
Buy it! BB-8 Roll With It Trucker Hat, $14.95 at

Porg Slippers

If you love the adorable little bird alien from The Last Jedi, you’re really going to love the fluffy slippers version of it.
Buy it! Fizz Porg Slippers, $22 (orig. $32) at

Darth Vader Toaster

Brand your morning toast Star Wars-style with Darth Vader’s helmet. But don’t worry, your toast won’t come out too much on the Dark Side, unless you like it that way.
Buy it! Star Wars Darth Vader Chest Plate Toaster, $34.99 at

Star Wars Tie Clip

Need a gift for a fancy guy who’s a Star Wars nerd at heart? This “May the Force Be With You” tie clip is the perfect classy ode to his favorite movies.
Buy it! “May the Force Be With You” Tie Clip – Star Wars, $35.95 at

Star Wars ABC-3PO Kids Book

This one is for the future Star Wars fans! “Learning our galaxy’s letters has never been so fun” thanks to this children’s picture book that teaches your kids the ABCs with your favorite Star Wars droids.
Buy it! Stars Wars: ABC-3PO Book, $12.95 at

Death Star Popcorn Maker

You’re going to need some popcorn before your next Star Wars marathon. This popcorn machine is disguised to look like the Death Star, so it can always sit on display on your counter. The top of the machine pops off (pun intended) and actually doubles as a bowl for your delicious, buttery snack.
Buy it! Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker, $49.96 at

Death Star Waffle Maker

The Dark Side has never looked so tastefully inviting before it got waffles. This Death Star-shaped waffle maker might make you reconsider which side you’re on.
Buy it! ThinkGeek Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker, $39.75 at

Jedi Knight Blanket

Have you ever wanted to cozy up Jedi-style? Thanks to this throw blanket, you can transform into your favorite Jedi knight while curling up on the couch to watch the saga.
Buy it! Disney’s Star Wars “Jedi Knight” Adult Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves, $20.58 (orig. $24.985) at

R2-D2 Bop It! Game

The game that commands you to twist it, pull it, bop it takes a new meaning with this R2-D2 edition. Whether you’re playing (Han) solo or with a group of friends, it’s one that will definitely keep you on your toes.
Buy It! Bop It! Star Wars R2-D2 Edition Game, $9.34 (orig. $11.46) at

Star Wars Wrapping Paper

A true Star Wars fan will appreciate tearing open a gift wrapped in this out-of-this-world wrapping paper. A pack of three Star Wars-themed wrapping rolls costs just under $15.  
Buy it! Hallmark Star Wars Wrapping Paper With Cut Lines Pack of 3, $12.49 at

Rebel Bottle Stopper

Don’t be too rebellious and leave your wine sit open on the counter — re-cork it with this The Last Jedi Rebel logo bottle stopper. It’s the perfect gift for your Stars Wars-loving, wine aficionado friends.
Buy it! Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rebel Bottle Stopper, $9.99 at

Death Star Ice Mold

Take your cocktails to the next level with what are easily the coolest ice cubes around.
Buy it! W&P Star Wars Death Star Single Ice Mold, $8.40 (orig. $14) at

BB-8 Alarm Clock

If not even the force can awaken you, try letting BB-8 — your new loyal nightstand companion will ensure you wake up on time. Customers love the snooze feature because all you have to do is tap the droid’s head for a few more minutes of rest.
Buy it! BulbBotz Star Wars BB-8 Light Up Alarm Clock, $24.86 at

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