Oil Painting Techniques – Making and Taking Time to Learn

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An important part of developing your artistic skills as well as learning oil painting techniques is by applying a disciplined approach to the time and effort that you set aside for this artistic endeavor. All of us have busy schedules, as well as chores and duties that we have to attend to, but do you want to learn and improve? If so, then you have to allocate the necessary time to do so, just like any professional athlete or sportsperson takes the time to train and develop their abilities.

So decide upon how much time you can allocate to developing your skills, and stick to this 'appointment' that you have made for and with yourself, more importantly let everyone know that this is important to you, and they should kindly respect your decision and devotion to commit a couple of hours a week to learn oil painting techniques and the various processes involved, sometimes easier said than done is not it?

One will ideally want to get involved in a painting or related activity to develop your skills and artistic ability, however whenever this is not possible there are a number of activities that can be substituted for painting or physical hands on activities. These include activities such as reading up on oil painting techniques, or visiting an art exhibition or gallery featuring an oil painting artist or range of works, these go towards broadening your horizons in terms of oil painting techniques, styles and applications.

If you are only starting out with oil painting techniques and basically learning how to oil paint, then be gentle up yourself and be patient. This style and 'genre' of painting is certainly not the easiest, and that is why you have chosen to pursue it, as a challenge. Either way, the journey of learning and accomplishing your intermediate goals are part of the process of establishing yourself as an oil painting artist and each stone that you have set out for yourself, and once you reach it will go towards making you a skilled and well established oil painter.

These techniques are only part of the 'bigger picture' and the dedication, ground work and understanding are all part of the whole subject field, together with those issues of patience and dedication. So decide if you want to see this through, and whether or not you believe this is for you and take it from there, the end rewards and pleasure derived from creating works of art from ones own hand are certainly well worth the dedication and patient approach in fully appreciating the variety of painting techniques and applications


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