Special reflective livery for Slade Mustang


The Blanchard Racing Team has struck a single-round naming rights deal with Dayco Australia for the first of four consecutive events at Sydney Motorsport Park.

As part of the deal Slade’s Mustang will be wrapped in a special reflective livery, designed to sparkle under SMP’s multi-million dollar lighting system.

“In sharing the desire to create a bigger impact for this return day and night Supercars event, the Blanchard Racing Team came up with this outstanding Dayco livery,” said Dayco Asia Pacific’s Vice President – Aftermarket Arnold Mouw.

“I am sure that it will look great at the event and on television throughout this first of four Supercar racing weekends in Sydney.

“The special reflective Dayco signage and overall change to the look of the CoolDrive Mustang makes this a one-off livery that we hope Supercar fans will like, while also helping to celebrate the resumption of the 2021 championship.”

Slade said that the new look adds to the excitement of the season resuming after an unanticipated three-month break.

“We are certainly going to stand out in Sydney – particularly under lights, as this reflective livery design is fantastic,” said Slade.

“It is great to have Dayco step up as we finally return to racing, bringing on a new and exciting look for our CoolDrive Mustang.

“It has been a long wait for the fans and I am looking forward to ending the 2021 season as strongly as we can.”

The first Sydney SuperNight event will take place between October 29-31, with the first of three sprint races taking place under lights.

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