The Top Things to Do in South Boston

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A rich mingling of the Irish and American culture, South Boston is a thriving area. It is historically significant as it marks the battlefield of the Revolutionary War. Several museums keep you engrossed in the area. Plates of delicacies await you. Old school diners, along with pizzerias, are found in plenty in the Southie.


South Boston also has several beaches for tourists to relax. For those who want picnics and a tad amount of jogging exercises, the grassy lawns are scattered all around. Glance through the travel guide and get an idea of the sights, sound, and safety at South Boston before you venture out on your tour.


Is South Boston Safe?

Boston is an emerging city and a relatively safer place as compared to the past. With crime rates going in for a decline, the neighbourhoods are safe to roam around. However, like all cities, tourists should be taking safety precautions before moving around in the city.


Things to do in South Boston

The attractive Southie offers a variety of sights where you can roam around. Take in the breathtaking view of the tall monuments and the vast skyline at the Boston Harbor. Be jubilant in South Boston’s Castle Island Waterpark. Dive into the pools, swim, and rejuvenate yourself.


Sit outside the Sully on one of the benches and enjoy a light snack. Get a taste of the town culture of Southie at Quencher Tavern. Party hard and get engrossed in the vitality. Explore the boutiques and shops that are famous in South Boston. Pick on gifts, souvenirs, and maybe a beautiful Irish knot.


Best Restaurants in Southie

The working-class community of South Boston is on the rise. The restaurants are all varied from Old school diners, taverns to even Irish pubs and pizza houses. Southie’s culinary greets your taste buds with pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, and more.


  • Amrhein’s is one of the oldest restaurants that is a regular spot for tourists and locals.
  • Enjoy some delicious food and snacks after an arcade game at Backyard Betty’s.
  • Relish the Polish ambiance at Café Polonia.
  • Looking for a date dining spot? Drop-in at Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant. However, on a game day, you will find it packed with an enthusiastic crowd.


The Top Bars in Southie You Can Visit

A sip of the crafty beer or the taste of an Irish cocktail will refresh you up.

  • Stats are in the heart of the area with quick service. It caters to everyone and offers quality brunches or pints.
  • Drinks are one of the best bars in the region that has a classy ambiance. Skilled mixologists heighten up the taste.
  • Gamble, watch games and relax in a homely environment at the Corner Pub.
  • Tune in to the DJ with a drink of beer at The Playwright.


South Boston and The Taste of Irish Whiskey

The rich tradition of the Irish and American culture fused in South Boston. The legacy is carried on to this day in the ethereal taste of the Irish Whiskey. Soft and creamy, enjoy the Whiskey for the night. The flavor of hazelnut, coupled with honey and citrus, melts in the mouth as you take in the taste of Southie Irish Wine. Bottled by Grand Ten Distilling, the Irish Whiskey is one of its class with none to rival its level.


Is It Safe to Walk Around in South Boston at Night?

South Boston is safe in the densely populated areas and tourist destinations. However, taking precautions is always mandatory in such big cities. Avoid walking around at night, even in tourist destinations. It would help if you did not roam around the red-light districts, Chinatown, or Downtown Crossing. There is a fear of crime related to drug abuse in the dark.


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