Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations


Your honeymoon is a time for you to enjoy as a newlywed. It is the beginning of a new chapter of your life as well as the beginning of never-ending love. Chances are that you want it to be enjoyable, relaxing, and beautiful. This means picking the destination is an important decision that you and your significant other have to make. While some people prefer to be basking in the sun on a beach in the Caribbean, others might enjoy taking walking tours in Italy. One thing that almost all couples will agree on is luxury. It is as crucial a part of the honeymoon as is privacy.

Staying in luxury villas can be one of the many highlights of your honeymoon. Choosing this over a resort can make the entire trip more enjoyable, and it will surely suit all of your requirements. Renting a luxury villa is easy when it is done through Luxury Retreats, and this way, you can ensure that all your needs are fulfilled during your honeymoon. Here are some of the destinations you can consider:

  1. Turks and Caicos
    The island is close to the Bahamas and is popular for its beautiful beaches and tranquility. Making it the perfect spot for a honeymoon. Choose from the many villa rentals that are all over the island and ensure that you have a view of the Caribbean sea from your favorite rooms. You don’t just have to go back and forth from the beach to your home if that is not your thing. During your honeymoon, you can also go on various excursions, like snorkeling, so that you can make the most of your time there.
  2. Hawaii
    Not only is Hawaii a part of the United States, but it also has a lot to offer to its visitors. Tropical climates make this the perfect place to go for your honeymoon to get the full and relaxing experience that you are looking for.
  3. Mexico
    From Los Cabos to Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta, or even Riviera Maya, the options for a honeymoon in Mexico are endless. Staying in a luxury villa can top off your experience. Whether you are looking for something small or a larger option that will give you enough space to relax, there is a property that will suit your every need.
  4. Italy
    Italy gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to vacationing – you can get your history and your beach. Whether you want to explore the museums and the city of the Renaissance in Florence as a newlywed or head to the beaches on the Amalfi Coast, you are bound to have an enjoyable experience.
  5. Portugal
    With a comfortable climate, history, culture, and pleasant atmosphere, Portugal is a country that you want to consider for your honeymoon. The luxury villas in Portugal will be the perfect accommodation for you and your partner. The exceptional cuisine, scenery, and culture are just what you need in order to enjoy your honeymoon.
  6. Fiji
    To many, Fiji is paradise. If you have never been there, this is your chance. The palm trees, the views, the secluded bungalows, the experience, are one-of-a-kind. Celebrate the new chapter of your life with a relaxing stay in Fiji with your partner.
  7. The Bahamas
    Being one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners to go, it is one that couldn’t be left out of the list. Reserving one of the villa rentals from Luxury Retreats will ensure that your honeymoon is something that you will remember for years to come. Most properties include private pools, chef services, and more that will have you feeling like royalty.
  8. France
    The city of love is an option for many people when it comes to their honeymoon. Whether you are interested in Paris or the French Riviera, your trip to France can be one that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life.
  9. Spain
    Spain has beaches, history, and more to offer travelers. For those who love art, Barcelona is just the place for you to explore Gaudi’s famous artwork. Head to Ibiza or Mallorca for some time on the beach and ultimate relaxation.
  10. Thailand
    A series of islands that provide both wonderful beaches and city life for those who want to explore during their honeymoon. Thailand can be the ultimate getaway for you and your partner as newlyweds.

If you are ready to book a luxury villa for your honeymoon, contact Luxury Retreats to ensure that you get everything you desire!

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