Top 10 Self Defense Products for College Students


We live in a crazy world. If you think that just because you live in a civilized society, you are safe, you couldn’t be more wrong. Maybe it’s a colleague you’ve made fun of. Maybe it’s an angry driver on the road. Dangerous people are out there and you need to be able to face them in order to feel safe. But this doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to go out on the street. Your comfort level out of the house is given by the confidence you live your home with, every day. You don’t have to be afraid in order to be safe. You have to be prepared. So, here is a list of self-defense products for college students just like you.

Using a pepper spray as a defense weapon when someone attacks you is one of the best actions you can take. This non-lethal option is very popular because of its fast results. The attacker won’t be able to see or properly breathe for the time it takes to call 911 to pick him or her up!

A pocket knife is a backup tool and weapon for centuries. Being able to fit into your pocket, most of the time if you are in a dangerous scenario it’s enough just to pull it out for your attacker to see. Usually, no one messes with the person carrying a blade in his or her pocket. And on the plus side, having a cutting instrument on your person when you leave the house is very practical in your day to day activities.

A taser gun gets the job of a handgun done, without the worry that you might have done more damage than necessary. Sending a wave of electrical current into the body of the attacker the taser will stun that person. Known as stun guns, it will not cost you a fortune to acquire one, but the problem is that tasers work just 60% of the time.

If the laws in your country allow it, for maximum security of your person at all times, you can get a handgun. There are very few cases that a person carrying a concealed carry pistol felt unsafe. The problem with guns is that sometimes it gets too troublesome to own one. The permits and the special conditions for storage are not something you should neglect.

If you’re looking for the ultimate self-defense for college students at home, what you should get is a classic, old school shotgun. It doesn’t matter who entered your house. If anyone hears that you have a shotgun will leave faster than they came in. The most important rule for you to remember is that guns are not toys for children and you should be careful with them.

The best non-lethal way of self-defense is to get some fighting lessons. Krav-maga, Kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu or any kind of martial arts will teach any student how to handle themselves in a hand to hand combat situation. More than that, learning any form of martial arts will give you self-confidence and courage in everything you do!

One of the best self-defense products for college students is the brass knuckles. Being actually just an improvement of your hand to hand self-defense, they are concealable and will do as much damage as you want, in order to keep you safe.

Tactical keyrings are becoming more and more popular. And for good reasons. They are low key (see what I did there?), inexpensive and very efficient if you know how to use them. Keeping it at your side all times together with your keys, a tactical keyring might save your life.

Another good option for a non-lethal weapon is the telescopic baton. Giving you a full-size weapon that can actually fit into your pocket is reassuring, although you need to have some good skills to use it properly.

The most important thing you have to know is that you are a student. You should worry about homework, finding assignment guide, going to classes or partying with your friends. Prevention is the most important mean of defense! If you can, get an alarm system. That will put a stop to your worries when you are at home.


These and many other options are out there. You can prepare for a dangerous situation as a college student but you should not live with the fear of it. Being able to protect yourself and those dear to you is a right you have, and so is the right to feel safe. If someone tries to deny you that, now you know ways to make sure you are not easily pushed over. One aspect you should not forget is that every time something bad happens you should call the police. Even if you took care of the attacker, the police should always be informed of the dangerous people out there.



Jeremy Raynolds is a digital nomad and a martial arts instructor. He travels the world meeting new people and teaching them how to stand up for themselves. Jeremy loves helping people in real-life and in online-life too.

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