Top Tips to Start Playing Golf in 2020


Do you want to get outside, get exercise or have a stress-relieving activity to do in your spare time this year?  Then starting to play golf is going to be the perfect activity for you!  Golf is a brilliant combination of physical activity with mental exercise, the chance to meet new people and challenge yourself.  But what are the most important things you need to know if you are taking up golf?


Golf course etiquette

Before you start to work on your swing or learn the different clubs, you need to understand a bit about golf course etiquette.  It can seem a little outdated for newcomers, but it is part of the culture of golf and you need to embrace it if you want to enjoy the game.

One of the central areas of etiquette to understand is what to wear.  There’s a reason that people buy specific golfing clothes from specialists such as those seen on Golfposer – because that’s the easiest way to get the right stuff.

Every course can be a little different, but some general rules will include:

  • You can wear a cap with a visor, but it should face forward or a straw hat style if you want to cover the back of your neck
  • Shirts worn on the course need to have a collar and short sleeves minimum which is why polo shirts are so popular
  • You should go with neutral colours and understated designs unless the course doesn’t have any rules about bold prints or big slogans
  • Golf trousers are a classic cut in a single colour or knee-length shorts are fine in summer but don’t go for loud prints or colours. For women, a golf skirt just above the knee is an alternative to trousers
  • Always wear golf socks, not football ones
  • Wear golf shoes with soft spikes to avoid damaging the course (plus they help with stabilising you when you swing your club)


Golfing gear – the basics

Once you have sorted out what you are going to wear on the course and have the golf clothing you need, you are ready to look at the rest of the basic golf gear you will need for a round.  Or even some practice shots!

Golf clubs are obviously the most important thing you need but don’t fall into the trap of buying a full set when you first start – remember, you might not take to the game.  The first three clubs you should get is a driver, a putter and a sand wedge.  You can also add a 6-iron, an 8-iron, a pitching wedge and a fairway wood.  These are the most forgiving clubs and easiest to get the hang of.

Next, you need something to hit with those clubs – and that means golf balls.  That’s plural, you will notice because it is inevitable you will lose some.  Buy balls based on how many you lose in a round.  So, if you have never played before, go for a box that costs about £20 a dozen.  As you lose fewer balls, you can go for better quality, more expensive balls.


Starting to play

Everyone starts without a clue and that’s both a good and bad thing.  Sure, you are a little baffled about what you are doing but you don’t have any bad habits to overcome.  One of the best things to try and do is to have a lesson or two with the course professional.  Not only will this help you get an idea about if you even like golf, but it will also ensure you get a solid foundation for your game and start to play the right way from the start.



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