What To Look For When Buying CBD Cream


Everyone’s interest in health and wellness seems to be peaking these days. So many people want to know more about how to improve their health. The noteworthy change in sensibilities, however, is that rather than being overly engrossed with chemical-laden synthetic products, consumers all over the world are leaning more towards healthier alternatives. In other words, everything that is chemical-free, organic, or natural – you know the drill.


In the natural and organic industry, one of the many products that are making waves due to their popularity is CBD creams. These are like your ordinary beauty and wellness creams, except that they contain a novel and extraordinary ingredient: cannabidiol.


CBD, as you may already know, is a component of marijuana. Just like marijuana, it seeks to provide several appealing benefits such as pain and anxiety relief, among others. However, it doesn’t get you high as it has no psychoactive effect. This has paved the way for CBD to now be included in many products such as CBD cream.


To ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy the best results, you must choose nothing but the best CBD cream. To help you along these lines, here are some useful pointers to remember:

1. Check The Label For The Extraction Process


Naturally, in a bottle of CBD cream, the most crucial ingredient is the CBD itself. This means that you must check the label carefully or carry out thorough research into the brand. Plus, learn more about the extraction process as this is the first and foremost step that can guarantee excellent quality CBD.


The manner of extracting the CBD oil has a great impact on the composition and quality of the product itself. Pressure has to be applied to the plant to extract the CBD. In this regard, it’s the chemicals used for applying pressure that spell the difference between high-quality CBD products and those of low quality.


Here’s how to ensure that your CBD cream has ingredients that are extracted well:


  • Avoid CBD creams that contain CBD extracted through the use of butane. When this comes in contact with the cannabinoids in the oil, a chemical reaction occurs. Note that butane, in itself, is already a hazardous material. When it interacts with the CBD, it will have the effect of diluting the CBD oil, thereby affecting its quality.
  • Choose CBD creams with CBD extracted through CO2 or food-grade ethanol. These types of solvents are considered natural solvents. Therefore, they ensure that the cannabinoid remains intact. With this type of extraction process, you’ll get to enjoy the maximum benefits that CBD oil can offer.


 2. Study And Review The Hemp Growing Standards


Apart from the extraction process itself, it’s also very important to review and check the hemp growing standards. For the CBD to be considered of good quality, the plant should be grown by following the strict standards for growing hemp. For instance, poor quality plants may have been grown using hemp that was of poor quality due to the use of pesticides.


If your CBD cream contains this particular type of CBD, then you know you’re in for trouble. This does nothing but harm the overall quality and wellness-promoting properties of the CBD. The presence of these toxic chemicals may be carried over into the CBD oil itself which, in turn, also makes its way into the cream. In this way, your cream is no longer as natural and chemical-free as it should have been.


3. Study The Source Of Your CBD


CBD products have recently been legalized in the United States. But this is subject to stringent laws and rules that must be complied with. Otherwise, manufacturers may not be allowed to sell their products. Therefore, if you’re buying your CBD cream from the United States, it’s better if the source of the CBD oil is from manufacturers in the USA as well.


In the United States, for instance, CBD is a heavily controlled commodity. When you know that your CBD is sourced only from the United States, you can be sure that the quality is better preserved.


4. Ensure That The CBD Cream Is Classified As Broad Spectrum


When you’re on the hunt for CBD products, you’re generally going to come across two types. First, there’s the CBD broad spectrum. Then, there’s the CBD isolate. CBD isolates are also just as effective. But, quality-wise, they don’t perform as well as CBD broad-spectrum products do.


CBD broad-spectrum products are of exceptional quality because of the following factors:


  • Presence of omega fatty acids, as this can enhance the effects of CBD in the body


  • Contains 100+ cannabinoids, as this would mean that your tub of cream contains the best and highest number of beneficial ingredients


  • Has amino acids and glycerides, as that aids the benefits of CBD in the body along with its reactions. For instance, for beauty purposes, this can help enhance the detoxifying function for anti-acne and anti-aging properties of CBD


  • Contains 30+ terpenes, as these can increase the ability of CBD to bestow anti-anxiety and relaxing effects


  • By choosing to go for broad-spectrum CBD products, you’re getting all the benefits of the marijuana plant minus the sensation of getting high.


5. Check For Third Party Lab Reports


CBD creams that are of superior quality will always have the endorsement of third-party lab reports. This means that a third party laboratory has also done tests to ensure that the CBD in the product is safe for the public to use. An honest dispensary selling CBD creams will always have this information readily available. Hence, you shouldn’t shy away from asking for it.


If a third party testing lab report isn’t available, then you’re going to be better off buying your cream from another source instead.


6. Avoid CBD Creams With Unnatural Substances


Naturally, CBD oil itself isn’t going to be the only component in your CBD cream. Despite its effects, it can’t be denied that CBD oil smells quite earthy. Not many will want to smell like weed after applying the product on their faces. In most cases, to keep the cream as natural as possible, the other ingredients are mostly composed of essential oils. This only helps add more benefits to your product and also masks the earthy smell of CBD oil.


Incorporating essential oils is acceptable. But, don’t go overboard by having too many unnecessary and unnatural substances that serve no purpose. Else, your CBD cream may end up containing potential allergens that aren’t going to be good for you.


7. Check The Packaging


First impressions are lasting. Dispensaries and manufacturers of quality CBD creams will often have products that are professionally packaged. This isn’t an aspect they can skimp on. When all else seems fine to you, check the packaging as well. If it looks dirty and messy to you, then that could be a telltale sign that you’re potentially buying from a company that doesn’t take quality standards seriously.


A bonus tip to remember about the packaging is to choose a CBD cream in a glass container if possible. This can help protect and lengthen the shelf life of your cream. Here’s why:


  • Plastic is synthetic and porous. This means that it retains water vapor from the CBD inside the container itself. This retention makes the CBD cream a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Not only does this make your CBD cream of lousy quality, but it also reduces its potency. Hence, you won’t be able to enjoy the maximum benefits that you possibly could with every tub of CBD cream.


  • Glass is impermeable. This means that it won’t retain moisture. Among all glass containers, choose the amber-colored ones and not those that are clear and completely transparent. Colored glass helps protect against UV rays that can penetrate through the product. This can also hamper the quality of your CBD cream.


8. Ask About The Company’s Customer Support Policies


Once you start using the product, it’s inevitable that you may also have some questions or concerns. Generally, you may ask the dispensary that sold you the product. But, in most cases, the best people to ask are the companies manufacturing the product itself. With an item as controversial as one containing CBD, you’ll also want to have the assurance that the customer service support is excellent. That way, should you have any concerns, they can be resolved immediately. Your whims won’t just be falling on deaf ears.


 9. Make Sure The Product Doesn’t Contain Any GMOs


Because you’re choosing to go down the natural route, it’s crucial that you know exactly where you stand with the creams and other topicals you’re buying. Check the labels, or you might end up taking home a product that’s laden with GMOs. This adds no value at all to the CBD product itself. Hence, you don’t need it in the cream. When torn among various options, choose the one that doesn’t contain any substance that is genetically modified.




CBD oil is generally a type of CBD extract that’s in its purest form. When you have this type of CBD oil in your cream, you know that you have nothing but the best quality creams. CBD is found to have been successful in providing multiple benefits such as pain relief and treatment for anxiety and depression. To enjoy the best of these effects contained in your bottle of cream, keep these tips in mind. That way, you’ll also make the most out of every dollar you spent on your CBD cream of choice.



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