Why It Is Essential To Add Music And Video Elements To Your Blog Posts


A blog is an online journal meant to convey information to a target audience. Blogging can become a hobby or a full-time job, but you need your site visitors to stay on to read your blog posts. Otherwise, the only person who might be interested in reading your posts is yourself.

Consider adding music and video elements to your blog posts to help increase your reader count. Now, you might be wondering how these elements can help highlight your blog’s presence in the online community. Continue reading to know how music and video can help improve your blog.


Benefits Of Adding Music To Blog Posts


Your blog readers might find it boring to read walls of text. However, you can keep your readers enthused while music is playing in the background of your site.

Here are four advantages of adding musical elements to your blog posts:


  • Helps Decrease Stress

Some of your blog readers might be reading while experiencing serious pressure from their everyday lives. Work, school, and other life elements might be adding to the stress levels of your site visitors.

You can help your visitors feel more at ease while reading your content when music is playing in the background. Music can have a direct effect on hormones. Thus, listening to specific sounds may help decrease cortisol, also called the stress hormone, in the body.

Start making readers feel at peace when reading your posts by adding royalty free music to your site. Royalty-free music means you can use the audio file and its rights as you see fit for your website or blog. So, you won’t need to deal with legal issues while these sounds are playing in your blog posts.


  • Enhances Learning And Memory

Playing music while reading may help you learn and recall information better than trying to absorb data in a quiet setting. Still, it depends on how the reader’s brain processes the music playing in your blog posts.

Nonetheless, you can help your readers remember more of your content while audio is playing in the background. Consider choosing sounds from musical genres like classical, jazz, and bossa nova to help your content viewers retain the information gathered from your site in their minds.


  • Provide A Sample Of Your Brand

Musicians can provide a sample of their audio to new listeners through blog posts. As a proficient enthusiast in the music industry, you can enjoy several benefits when you add your audio files – or at least a sample of these sounds – to your blog posts.

These extra advantages may include:

  • Engage with content readers
  • Deliver fresh content
  • Market your brand
  • Build long-term relationships with avid listeners
  • Inspire yourself and others to pursue musical objectives

Start adding your musical talent to blog posts if you haven’t already. The benefits mentioned above might only be a few of the many advantages that you can gain from adding your audio content to current and future posts.


  • Encourage Repeat Business

Businesses with websites shouldn’t just focus on gathering new customers and nothing else. The longer that visitors stay on your site, the more likely they are to buy your products and services.

Blog posts can help potential customers to stay on your site for extended periods of time. Moreover, try to post interesting content about topics relevant to your firm. Also, publish riveting articles to pique the interest of your readers.

Furthermore, increase the time your visitors spend on your site with background music. But you need to match the right genre, tempo, and volume to capture the attention of your potential clients.

As a bonus, letting your blog readers stay on your site for extended periods means your website won’t receive a significant bounce rate. Bounce rate increases when visitors exit your site after a few seconds of entering. A high percentage in this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) metric can have adverse effects on your site’s search engine rankings.


The Benefits Of Adding Videos To Blog Posts

Adding audio to blog posts provides an auditory pleasure to your readers. Consequently, adding video elements to blog posts can add an extra layer of visual experience for your site visitors.

Numerous benefits are in store for you and your blog when you start adding video clips to posts. Here are five of these advantages:


  • Deliver Messages Quickly

Don’t count on a large percentage of your website visitors to have extremely fast speed-reading skills. Stay safe and assume that your readers need a relatively suitable amount of time to digest information on their screens.

Instead of making your blog visitors read through long walls of text all the time, add one or two video elements for each blog post. Videos can be an excellent choice of media to complement your written content. Furthermore, your chosen clips can strengthen the message you’re trying to deliver.


  • Adapt With The Signs Of The Times

Many Internet users are now turning to watching videos more than reading text in blogs. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up writing in favor of creating video content. Still, it would be best if you didn’t disregard the power of videos in your blog posts at the same time.

Modern technology has overseen the rise of videos in different online channels and portals. People find it more convenient to watch and listen to blog posts on their mobile devices as opposed to reading written content.

Thus, as a blogger, you can reduce the time constraints for publishing blog posts since you may not need to wait for your readers to arrive home and turn on their PCs. Now, your site visitors can watch videos of your blogs on their mobile devices while they’re at the office, school, or during a commute.


  • Improve Your Blog’s Entertainment Factor

Your readers need to imagine your voice when reading your posts, but the imagination can only achieve so much for entertainment.

For example, you’re trying to tell a joke in one of your blog posts. But, saying the gag or pun in written content might not deliver that comedic “punch” you wish to convey to your readers.

Instead, you can transform part of your blog post to video. Then, you can tell that joke in the clip, and watch your viewers’ comments pour in admiring your passion for comedy.

Also, if you’re entertaining enough in your videos, then your clip might even go viral. Now imagine hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people sharing that piece of footage. If that turns out to be the case, then you shouldn’t be surprised to see a significant and rapid boost in site traffic.


  • Boost On-Site SEO

Different search engine algorithms put a high value on blogs or websites that look and “feel” natural to different users. Thus, a blog with nothing but walls of text and without other elements might not warrant enough attention from search engines to give you a high rank in search results.

Create diversity in your blog posts to help increase your blog’s on-site SEO. Adding videos to your published posts help deliver that diversity to create a “natural” look and feel for your site.

Otherwise, walls of text might look like you’re only trying to please search engines. Conversely, video elements like stock footage may help pique the interest of search engine algorithms to give you a high rank in search results for your chosen keywords.


  • Create A Visual Appeal For Particular Topics

Don’t rely on the imagination of your readers when you’re trying to explain a specific topic that needs visual attention.

For example, you’re writing a blog post about how to gain excellent composition in photography. You can explain the step-by-step process in your blog post through written content. But, it can still be challenging for some users to grasp the idea of creating the ideal composition in their shots if the post comprises nothing but text.

Add a video element in this blog post to show your readers how you manipulate the camera’s functions to deliver excellent images. The footage may also explain what settings to use in the camera to avoid photos coming out too bright or too dark.

Videos and text can work well to convey a message. Always consider the larger context of a subject matter to help your readers understand the entire topic.

Also, adding clips to posts help keep visitors interested in your blogs, especially for individuals who have little interest in spending time reading several paragraphs on one page.

Including video elements can also give your brand a personality, strengthen communication with site visitors, and increase your blog’s reach. Furthermore, video clips can help gather visitors who may have reading difficulties to your blog. So, it should be in your best interest to take advantage of these benefits by introducing clips to your blog posts starting today.

Both music and video elements offer positive aspects to blog posts. Adding extra audio and visual experiences to posts can help make your site more attractive than before. Take note of the benefits mentioned above for both forms of media, and you might not regret your decision to add these elements to your website.


By Jon Hashagen

Bio: Jon Hashagen works as a social media marketer who enhances his client’s social media presence by providing interactive and engaging content. All of Jon’s efforts are directed to help his clients gain more profits and customers online. Jon regularly writes articles online to share his expertise in social media marketing.



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