Why Vanity Phone Numbers Are A Smart Move For Business

by Lily White
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Phone numbers are still relevant contact tools for businesses in the era of the internet. They are a means of communication with consumers. Phone numbers are also meant to encourage customer interaction; and therefore, using them should still be put into consideration.

Reason Why Vanity Numbers Are Exquisite for Your Business

  • Vanity numbers are customizable

An excellent way to spur clients to call is by using vanity phone numbers. The phone numbers are toll-free and can be customized to follow a sequence of numbers that are easy to remember. A number such as 1-800-333-3333 is easy to memorize and dial. Customers are more likely to call when they remember the number.

Vanity phone numbers can also be tailor-made to spell out a word or a phrase. Using words increases the customer’s ability to memorize the business phone number and an opportunity for marketing a business brand, product, and service. The number takes the form of 1-800-BUSINESS BRAND or 1-800-SERVICE.

The custom phone numbers can be tailor-made into any toll-free area code numbers or local code area numbers. Businesses with a number already in use can still use their existing number by number porting it into the service provider’s system.

  • The process of acquiring vanity numbers is simple

Registering a vanity phone number is a simplified process. A company searches for a phone number in word, phrase, or number sequence using the vanity phone number service provider’s software tools.

Once the phone number format is established, a business plan suitable for the client is developed according to the service giver’s plan structure. The company’s phone number is then activated for use.

  • Vanity numbers result in uniformity in brand Presentation

Vanity numbers create consistency in brand identity. The phone numbers synchronize information disseminated from all the marketing fronts employed by a business. When they are derived from a company’s brand, the numbers become part of the business’ identity. They can be included in URLs, email addresses, and all forms of media outlets. Thus, resonating the same information in the market. 

The numbers, word, or phrase used to add significance to a business’s brand, product, or service because they are easy to recognize and memorize. Most importantly, they lead to action. 

  • Vanity numbers are an efficient lead generating and lead capturing tool

The numbers also add value to the business because they are excellent lead generators. Customers can quickly memorize the number sequence, word or phrase; consequently, more phone calls are made for inquiries, purchases, and so forth. Business growth is inevitable, with an increase in customer traffic and interaction.

  • Excellent marketing tool against the competition

Vanity numbers are an excellent competitive strategy. Customer preference for products or services increases when the process of business transaction is simplified and affordable. Vanity numbers are easy to recall and free to use.

A customer will use a phone number with repeated sequences over a complicated business phone contact. The phone numbers have the same effect when included as part of a website and email address.


Vanity numbers are an essential asset for companies. They are a signature move for businesses looking to make a lasting impact on the minds of consumers. The process of acquiring custom phone numbers is simple and cost-effective, and the benefits of using the number are worth the investment.

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