5 Good Reasons to Network


Networking is an integral part of any business. Whether you’re just trading ideas with other people in business or trying to reach a certain goal, networking gets results. We have five ways to help you achieve your goals in business through networking.

Advance Your Career

Networking can advance your career. So many times people get promoted or get jobs because someone knows about their skills. They can refer you personally instead of you just being a name on top of a resume. Networking with people means you never know who you’re going to meet. You could be shaking the hand of a company CEO that needs your exact skill set. It might not be today or even this year that you need this person’s help to advance your career, but you might need them one day.

Keeping your face at the front of the game means that face might pop up in discussions about the newest positions. As you meet and greet in the networking world, you’re setting yourself up as a trustworthy, loyal, hard-working person that can do any job and talk to anyone. It’s a bit of a game that pays off in the end.

Make Real Connections

Networking doesn’t have to be stuffy. Networking is about making real connections. These connections can lead to business opportunities and might even lead to friendships. Real connections help keep you relevant both personally and professionally. Those in the professional world will see you as an ethical, confident person ready to grow their business. The more real you are to them, the more real you can be for your customers. Business colleagues are usually like-minded people that have the same goals as you. Friends and colleagues in the national real estate network will help you so you’re never left behind professionally.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves an individual’s recommendation overshadowing your advertising for the brand. Consumers trust real people. Networking steps into this because you can’t gain the trust of people without reaching out to them. There are a million brands out there that might look just like yours. You have to stand apart. Networking with others means you’re touching these people with the personal effect of how you stand apart. You’re putting a face to your brand. That person then, in turn, recommends you to the outside world. You have to be open and ready to receive this type of marketing.

Influencers can also help you gain a different perspective. You might only see your business in one light where they see ways you could change it to reach more people. Sometimes growing a business is about perspective and recommendations from others in your field. It can change the entire market.

Build Confidence

You may not realize it, but stepping outside of the box into a different comfort zone leads you to higher confidence. These lasting connections are made when you are confident enough to talk shop and also talk on a personal level with other business people. Confidence will go far in growing your business because you have to believe in it with all your heart in order for it to be successful. Others can help you with ideas and boost you along the way giving you more and more confidence. Confidence will lead you to the job you love instead of just doing a job for the money. It’s the key to unlocking many doors in the business world. Consumers trust confident business leaders, and you win for this.

Keep Growing and Changing

Your business ideas need to grow and change along with the trends. Networking helps you to strategize with others about how to do this. You can bounce ideas off of others as well as keep these ideas fresh. If you need to tweak your marketing strategies or business design, you can network with others about how to go about doing this. There might not be a right or wrong answer, but others can help steer you in the right direction. You never have to be alone in the business world. Use networking to grow and change as the business world does the same thing.


By Jamie Roberts

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