5 Ways to Enjoy Life at a Slower Pace


When the world gets busy, there is no doubt that your life will also become busy eventually and possibly even crazier. When it does, you can easily feel the need to keep pace with life.

However, by spending so much time trying to maintain the pace, it becomes impossible to even enjoy life at all. This is why it is important to take things slowly so that life can be enjoyed more. For moments that have you feeling buried, it is even more important that you be able to take everything at a slower pace.

As you go slow throughout your day, you are able to grow and become aware of your present state. Not only that, but when you are not in a hurry or fighting to stay on track with life, you will be able to appreciate life more. Plus, having a few ways to help you slow down is nice too.

1. Enjoy the Outdoors More

When you enjoy the outdoors more often, you will be able to receive many health benefits relating to mental and physical health. Being in the outdoors can easily decrease anxiety and blood pressure, increase your immunity, and improve memory and artistic ability.

Besides these, you can also make a day outdoors, even more, relaxing by adding Italian sweet wines to enjoy. By enjoying the flavors, you´ll be able to relax and cherish the moment.

2. Ignore Your Cell

Having technology is great, but when you let it control your life, it is impossible to take life slow and enjoy it more often. When we stay connected through our cell phones, we can seem very consumed and forget to take things slow.

To achieve a slow pace in your lifestyle, you need to be able to ignore your cell phone. Place it out of sight so that you are not urged to take a peek at what is going on in the outside world. You can even silence any notifications you receive so that you don´t get distracted and miss out on a relaxing, slow day.

With technology being an extra benefit to daily life, we need to be able to set limits so that the life we live has true meaning. This way we are able to eliminate interruptions that others may unknowingly cause.

3. Wake Up Slowly Each Day

No matter what manner your day is started, it is responsible for how your entire day will turn out. By beginning in a hurry, you will always feel the need to hurry so that you do not need to feel like you get behind.

By getting your day started slowly on a continuous basis, you will be able to slow down and enjoy life.

You can also awaken a few minutes earlier than normal. This will allow you to enjoy a slow start for a few extra minutes. It will also help you avoid the feeling of being hurried. You can even add more to the routine you have that will provide good feelings so that your whole day will be as positive as possible.

Good instances include adding exercise, reading, meditating, or enjoying your morning coffee a lot more. When your day is begun slower and with an increased amount of purpose, the mornings easily become pleasant. With that, you can take the slow pace with you throughout your day.

4. As Others Talk, Listen With Intent

As you converse with others, make sure to give them your full attention by listening intently to them. You should also make an effort to listen while you talk to others too.

When you see yourself having another conversation, lend them your ear. Also, try to perfect your listening skills in order to truly understand, and not to simply provide a response. When you truly connect and make an effort to listen to others, it can easily assist in your enjoyment of a slower day so that you can be in the present more often.

5. Stop Saying ¨Yes¨

When you stop saying yes all the time, you are able to enjoy more free time as compared to always being occupied with things to do when you said yes. Saying no may seem difficult if you are asked to do a lot of things for your family or if you simply like to please others. However, when you stop saying yes, you are able to create limits so that your personal time can be secure.


By  Banwari LB

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