7 Lifehacks for Improving Students’ Success in Math


If you need help with Math, here you can find some quick life hacks that lead to better school results and stronger outcomes. In the end, students’ success does not come by learning solutions by heart or regurgitating what your professor instructed you to learn. Climbing the success ladder can only come by understanding the bigger picture behind it all, the real reasons why you should study what you’re being taught. So, before proceeding, ask yourself – why are you studying? What’s your reason? Then, a look at our math hacks and apply the ones that make sense to you.

1. Do your homework!

You can think of homework as a choice, but then there’s a high chance you’ll fail the class. To improve success and become increasingly better at what you are doing, you need practice. Remember, practice makes perfect. So, as long as you’re not putting in the time and the hard-work to practice, how will you become increasingly better? See, it’s a never-ending wheel. In order to reach the top, you must start from the bottom, which in this case equals always doing your homework.

2. Try not to miss class

“As attendance decreases, improving success also decreases,” says Julie Hawthorn, a teacher at Old Valley High-School in Florida. “If students miss class, they not only fall behind, but they might also be unable to understand the newly presented concepts, which drags the whole class behind,” ends Hawthorn. So, not only do you set yourself back, but you might also cause the setback of your classmates. Bottom line: don’t skip class.

3. Find a cool study buddy

If you must skip class for some reason, make sure you have someone you can trust to fill you in on homework. Finding that one person who can help you finish your assignments on time and bring you up to speed it always smart. In the end, this is a very good practice for the world outside of the classroom, where keeping relationships positive and creating new meaningful ones is highly appreciative and beneficial. For instance, if you won’t get along with your colleagues, how will you be able to survive so many hours per day in an office? This is also great practice for when that moment comes (if it shall ever).

4. Get help if needed

If you’ve always wondered “how to do my math homework without any help?” or “how do I manage to finish my math assignment on time?”, here comes the great news: there are professional online services willing to help you out. Of course, most of them are for a fee, but hey! When you feel like you need a break, here’s your chance to get a grasp of fresh air. However, make sure you don’t make a routine out of this, as becoming a quick problem-solver is super-important in today’s hectic world.

5. Always ask questions

Questions are the means through which we learn, develop, grow into smarter people. So, don’t swallow them! Ask as many questions as you want as many times as you need. There are many chances that your classmates might have the same questions but are too anxious to raise their hands, so don’t feel self-conscious. The more questions you ask, the higher the chances you’ll succeed!

6. Recap the basics

If you are not able to answer quick multiplication questions in your sleep, go back right now and study them. If you lack the basics, there’s no way you’ll be able to gather more complicated information and perform well on exams. Think about a pyramid – if it lacks the bottom, there cannot be any top.

7. Understand it fully!

Now, last but not least (because it is the most important aspect of successful learning!), make sure you understand exactly what you are doing when studying for your class. As I mentioned previously, simply regurgitating the concepts learned in class will not help you grow; they might help you get a good grade in the class, but they won’t be of any other use to you. Question everything! Ask why! Understand those reasons fully!


In today’s work, math classes are becoming increasingly important – Math is not only good for your brain, but it also helps you deal with important life situations, such as calculating your finances, becoming a better problem-solver, or helping you understand the world around you even better. Study hard, work hard, and love what you are doing! Don’t miss class and make sure you always ask questions. Good luck!

Author’s Bio:

Connie Elser is an activist, author, and content writer. Her books helped hundreds of students deal with exam stress and increase school performance. Connie has been passionate about Mathematics since she was a small child, so she’s decided to travel the world and inspire her passion in others. She is currently residing in France, teaching Math as a volunteer.

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