Call Tracking and How It Helps Your Business   


If you’re a businessman or a marketer looking for ways to generate appeal for your brand, perhaps you may have heard of something called call tracking. If this is your first time with the concept, even with prior research, you might wonder just how exactly will tracking calls help you with your business. Interestingly, the first step towards realizing call tracking’s full potential is to not simply dismiss it as a system that just “tracks calls.” In fact, call tracking and how it helps your business revolves around maximizing its potential as a tool for your company.


Call Tracking: What Is It?

Perhaps before one can understand how call tracking can help business, one should understand what it is and what it’s used for. First, however, let’s look at some statistics. A lot of companies turn towards call tracking to aid with prospecting because as a matter of fact, most marketers do consider prospecting – especially gathering prospects, leads, and customers through calls – as the most challenging part of their everyday work. This is worth noting, considering it takes an upwards of 18 calls to connect with buyers, and more than seven (7) to just establish a relationship with your prospect. These also reap a lot of benefits, however, as 60-percent of buyers do want to discuss pricing immediately during the first call, with more than 50-percent already interested in how products work during the same period.


How does call tracking weave into all of this? Call tracking services such as Fone Dynamics take advantage of the potential of calls for sales by making sure your marketing channels themselves are assigned their unique phone number. That way, you can immediately identify just which channel a particular call is from, alongside other details such as location, keywords used, and even record the call itself. How will all of these help your business?

Call Tracking: How It Can Help You

 Given the data above, it’s important to realize that getting above and beyond in the sales and marketing game can greatly give you a “boost” in your performance in the industry. Call tracking can be the ace in the hole you’re looking for, provided you use it efficiently and properly. Here are some other benefits call tracking can give you that may convince you to make that shift into call tracking:

  • Track your returns, numbers better: Perhaps one of the most efficient ways call tracking can help your business is its capability of giving you a better means of tracking various statistics such as returns and your campaign channels. The way call tracking organizes your numbers for channels isn’t just for the sake of “streamlining” everything, but rather making sure you have better access to data that lets you see what really happens when you get returns from your marketing campaigns. You can at least now determine which ads and channels produce the most profit by being able to track which channels get the most conversions.
  • Unveil the curtain on sales and calls: As specified above, more than 93-percent of customer interaction happens on the phone – which means the sales process hinges on conversations your reps have with your consumers. Unfortunately, before call tracking, not a lot of technology has given insight on what really happens in this part of the sales process. Call tracking can at least help unveil the curtain and “connect the dots” when it comes to calls on your sales. When you need to look at the overall status of your operations, you can now rely on call tracking to provide a better sales perspective. Speaking of operations…
  • Get a better look at company operations: Call tracking has a whole host of features that can help improve your outlook on company operations. Call tracking streamlines a lot of the process and allows you to have a more focused look on the way your company works. You can now better observe and determine which ads and channels work best, how to improve them, or which to remove without having to disrupt workflow to the detriment of your profits and revenue.
  • Full integration with other company applications: Call tracking is such an attractive prospect for a lot of individuals and companies because of its ability to be integrated well with other analytics software. You can use call tracking tools in conjunction with Google Analytics and Google AdSense, among others, to provide a better view of the various numbers that work around your company operations. You no longer have to worry whether or not you need to study and learn yet another tool for your company.
  • Assess customer satisfaction with better accuracy: Call tracking software has a call record feature that allows you to tap into exactly just how customers perceive and feel about your company through observation. You no longer have to put blind numbers on customer satisfaction and instead actually have evidence to assess whether or not you get appeal through your sales methods or not. This allows you to be able to adjust company processes for the benefit of customers without having to make guesses.
  • Improve your customer service potential: Likewise, call tracking and its call record feature also allows you to make a better evaluation of exactly just how your company is performing in terms of sales representatives. You can assess which methods of your sales process are working and not working, and you can finally have a much better basis whenever considering which methods should you apply to help ensure your business practices can secure more conversions.
  • Make adjustments to company processes in real time: Lastly, another great benefit of call tracking is its provision of real-time data, which means you no longer have to wait for days for reports to come in. You can assess your company operations anytime, anywhere, and make adjustments on the fly as needed. This can help provide much-needed flexibility in today’s era of constantly-shifting markets.


The Takeaway: Call Tracking Can Propel Your Business To Industry Leadership


When it comes to ways to boost your business processes to the point of peak optimization, perhaps call tracking is the way to go for you. Hopefully the above article has explained just what call tracking is and how it helps your business on a fundamental level. Remember, just like any other software, call tracking systems aren’t the end-all, be-all solution to get great returns, but is rather something you need to use in conjunction with good business practices in order for you to meet your utmost potential. Call tracking can propel your business to industry leadership, provided you’re able to use it properly and with a degree of finesse.


John Taylor 

John is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.






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