Common Mistake That an Online Instructor Makes


Studying is important from the perception of getting good grades so you get your high school diploma. On the other hand, learning is about exploring more of your course curriculum that you are required to or seeking new skills in your field. There are thousands of students that prefer online learning from different tutorials and academies. Many of them use those trainings to learn new skills and to prepare for international standard exams. However, many disagree with the quality of the education that is provided online due to many factors.

Today, we are going to discuss those factors and mistakes that make an online instructor inefficient in providing good learning to their students.

Lacking Professionalism: Teaching online gives many feasibilities to instructors that extremely led to unprofessional behavior and presentation. An online instruction should be well dressed if it's a video session, moreover, one should use proper tools to explain things (Notepad, whiteboard, ppt slides etc). It does not matter you are teaching online or in-person, the environment should be the same.

Lacking information and Preparation: The so-called conventional wisdom of "those who can do and those who can not teach" is not the case. Teaching is much like an art and the technique to spread knowledge. Effective teachers are able to display both and know that knowledge and preparation create the foundation for both.

Not Delivering the Material stated in the Course Outline: It's the main reason that many students do not trust online studies due to unclear course outline or incomplete courses. An ideal teacher should make sure that the course outline has been provided to the students prior before beginning the course, so students can assess what this course is going to deliver.

Not showing enthusiasm for your topic: Enthusiasm is contagious and the ultimate technique for getting student's attention and getting them excited about the topic. If they feel pumped-up, they are likely to read the material and pay attention.

Unclear explanation and Demonstration: In online environment, as students are not sitting right in front of you, it is hard to assess that either they are getting the point or not. For that, a detailed explanation is required along with proper examples. However, where needed, a detailed demonstration will also help them to get a better image to the topic.

By avoiding these common mistakes, one can become a successful online instructor, moreover, it will get you good reviews too that will extremely raise your student base as well. So, avoid making mistakes and teach yourself to succeed in the fastest growing industry of online education.


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