Could Your Classroom Benefit From Interactive Whiteboards?


There’s no denying that the influence of digital technologies has fundamentally altered the teaching environment. Less than a decade ago, teaching was a much simpler affair than it is today. Though times had moved on from the blackboard and flip chart, the most common technology you’d find in a classroom would be an overhead projector.

Today, interactive whiteboards are a common sight in many education establishments as teachers make use of digital teaching tools and heightened interactivity to drive home the lessons they’re trying to impart on their students.

Despite their increasing popularity though, many educational establishments still haven’t invested in interactive whiteboards for their classrooms. We think that’s a mistake, as every classroom can benefit from an interactive whiteboard. Here’s why we think that’s the case:

They enhance learning for different types of learners

It may be true that many students learn best through the sounds they hear (we call these auditory learners), there are a great many that simply don’t learn that way. No classroom is ever full of the same type of learner, so ensuring that you cater to all learning types is essential.

You’ll find that there are visual, kinaesthetic, tactile and auditory learners, and each enjoys a different preferred learning method. Interactive whiteboards are the only classroom presentation tool which effectively caters to all learner. Learners can see, heat, touch, manipulate and alter information right on the screen, leading to a more dynamic learning experience for everyone.

They improve participation levels

It should come as no surprise, but kids can quickly lose interest if they aren’t particularly interested in the subject or topic they’re being taught. On one hand, teachers have a high degree of control over how exciting a lesson is, but on the other hand, you’re now competing against technology.

That’s why interactive whiteboards make for such a compelling option. There’s something undeniably exciting about an interactive whiteboard up at the front of the class, and for younger students the opportunity to get up and give that great glowing screen a play with is a huge honour.

They allow teachers to incorporate digital teaching tools

Digital teaching tools have helped push educational standards ever higher as teachers make use of the brilliant community of educators out there creating valuable content for other educators to take advantage of.

An interactive whiteboard removes the hurdles between those resources and your students, whilst also allowing you to highlight important aspects of the tools they be using on their personal computers, both in class and at home.


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