Everything You Need to Know About Alignment Machines


The Wheel Alignment Machine Market is experiencing an upward growth because of the increasing maintenance, repairing, and overall activities in the automotive aftermarket.

Growth in the market is also a result of the high demand for wireless or portable machines and improved sales of automobiles. A report by Technavio revealed that the global automotive wheel alignment system market would reach a 5% CAGR by 2023.

An alignment machine for sale is responsible for connecting the vehicle’s suspension to its wheels. Using the appropriate alignment machine enables car owners to properly adjust the angles of the tires to ensure that it can deliver positive results when it comes into contact with the road.

The wheel alignment requires the matching of axles and wheels so that they are moving in a similar direction. Mechanics and technicians perform several procedures to adjust suspension angles like the caster, camber, thrust, and toe-in an appropriate position.

The wheel position will directly influence the location of the tire and its overall movement. The alignment used for cars will depend mainly on its suspension to prevent uneven tire wear and tear.

Note that suspension and steering systems take a significant hit each time you hit a bump or pothole in the road. With an alignment machine, car owners will not only increase the life of their tires but also improve vehicle safety and ensure smoother driving.

How to Find the Best Alignment Machine?

Alignment machines can increase the revenue-generating power of your shop. Use these tips in choosing the best alignment machine for sale to find the best deal for needs and budget.

Alignment machines also reduce expensive auto repairs. Driving with a lousy alignment will cause the car parts to wear out prematurely and unevenly.

Make Sure it Has Vehicle Protection Features

Nearly half of the vehicles experience damages during the period of repairs. This is why shops need to opt for an alignment machine that has vehicle protection features.

A piece of alignment equipment with vehicle protection capabilities will not only protect the wheel and the rest of the vehicle from damage, but it also has solid adjustable surfaces to handle a range of automobiles.

Checking for steering angle sensor reset capabilities is also essential in ensuring that it can adapt to modern vehicles. Usually, modern automobiles have advanced driver assistance systems (ADA) like anti-lock brakes, adaptive cruise control, electronic stability control, lane departure warning, and traction control.

These systems experience significant changes in mechanical alignment adjustments. This is why you should always ensure that the wheel aligner can meet the safety requirements to prevent unnecessary hold-ups.

Check for Approval with Vehicle Manufacturer

Knowing that the vehicle manufacturer approves the alignment machine will prevent reworks and ensure an appropriate level of accuracy when it comes to adjustment. Make sure that the alignment machine is versatile enough to be upgraded to work with modern vehicles.

Check reviews online and find out if the vehicle manufacturer has tested the wheel alignment that you’re eyeing. Also, consider the time of return on investment to ensure that you can get profits on your equipment immediately. After all, your shop is only getting paid for the alignments it completes.

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