How To Get A Guy To Notice You – 9 Simple and Powerful Steps To Make Him Notice You Back!



How to make a guy like you? These are the typical questions for most of the girls who are looking for steady relationship. Actually, guys are not complicated creatures. In general, we know what we want and a select few know how to get it. If you are a lady and you want to be noticed by a guy, then there are certain things you should do.

In this article, I will discuss how to get a guy to notice you in simple and powerful steps even you do not know that guy before. These steps are for those who have noticed a guy and want him to notice her back (getting him to fall in love to you is a whole other story).

Luckily, getting a guy to notice you is easier because it involves the use of basic social skills. You should be honest, direct, pleasant, and reasonable. Here are the ways:

If you do not know the guy

1. Smile and make eye contact

Whether it is closed-mouth or open-mouth, just do it. Without it really makes you feel artificial, learn how to shoot people a reassuring smile, letting them know that you're a happy and confident person who wants to enjoy life. The idea is to communicate that you're inviting their company

2. Establish communication

Just say "hi" or "hello" is the simplest way to get him noticed you. Some girls would get the guys phone or cell phone number just to talk to guys. Some of the guys would not like having the girls to have this kind of first move.

Talk to him to try to get to know him a little by discussing things you have in common. A good way to start a conversation is to ask him a question. Listen to him and do not interrupt him when he is talking. You could even compliment him or ask for help.

3. Make friends with him

Be with the flow. Making friends with him is one sure way of establishing a relationship. It is good that you make friends with him at first to get you notice. A serious relationship often starts in friendship. Who knows what will happen in the end. By doing this you will know each other more often.

4. Get to know him better

Find what he likes in a girl. Go with what he likes. Know his lifestyle or activities from day to day. If the guy goes jogging everyday in a particular time then go and jog with him. Then talk to him in a friendly manner and do not let him notice that you like him or you're doing this for him.

If you happen to know or you are already a friend with the guy

1. Make a connection with him by knowing what you do and like both.

Having same hobbies or activities will help you be noticed. Joining the same club or working together is one key to be able to get to know more about him.

2. Dress well to catch an attention

Get a new look. Do not change who you are, just try something different. Try a new hairstyle, new clothes, etc. It's a good idea to change things up once in a while, just because variety is the spice of life, and it might help you catch his eye. Try being that tough girl who is different from all the other okay looking girls giving him the eyes, because beauty is common, but a good outlook and a great energy are very rare.

3. Flirt with him.

Do it as little or as much as you want, but remember that too much flirting (especially with other guys) will likely get him to take notice, but maybe not in a good way. If he reacts and you do not think its real (he's just doing it because you're there and you're a girl and he thinks he can do better, let him know he can not). If he is faking it, call his bluff and say something that makes him know that you do not think he is 'all that'. For example, if he comes close, pull a face and offer him gum. This will unbalance his ego.

4. Try to be around him often.

Take interest in the activities he's interested in, not just so that you can get near him but also so that you can get to know him better and so you can broaden your own horizons. (But never pretending to love something you do not even like just because he likes it! Although most guys find this cute, when and if they ever find out, it can be painful for you, and usually unnecessary.)

5. Be Yourself

Just be your own self and remember some first impression do seem to last. Most of the girls find their selves acting awkwardly when facing or meeting with the one they like. Being with yourself let the guy know who you really are. Do not overdo anything. Pretending to be like someone you are not, just to impress this guy is not good.

Finally, you can not get everyone to notice you. Remember that guys come and go, so do not stress yourself if things do not work out in your favor. You are a normal, complete person all on your own, and you do not need a guy's attention to be happy. But remember, being too obsessive can do the opposite of what you want to achieve, pushing him farther away. If he just will not become attracted to you, leave it alone. Do not push it, or things might get ugly, and you'll earn a bad reputation. Good luck, girls!



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