Several Unknown Facts about VPNs


A Virtual Private Network has been popular for so long that there are probably no people on the planet who do not know what it is. Everybody knows that the VPN is a service that enables you to access the internet securely and privately. This software routes your connection through a server and, in so doing, hides your online presence.

Everybody also knows that the VPN was invented in 1996. Then, Microsoft’s Gurdeep Singh-Pall came up with a method for implementing virtual private networks, which it called Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). The goal of Microsoft’s Gurdeep Singh-Pall was to provide users with a secure internet connection. Until now, many people believe that PPTP is the fastest of all protocols. But designed originally for dial-up access, it, in fact, has the lowest level of encryption. Since 1996, the VPN technology has constantly been developing, diversifying and becoming more sophisticated. Various VPNs have emerged over the years, some of which were better than others.

Which VPNs are considered better than others is debatable. Every year since 1996, specialists have been compiling different lists of the best VPNs. If you are curious to know which Virtual Private Networks are thought to be the most advanced in 2019, you may go over the full list of the best VPNs unrolled in this article. The article will not only walk you through the advantages of each VPN platform but will also explain to you why you need to choose the best VPN on offer. 

There are other facts about the Virtual Private Network of which you might not be aware, even if you are an avid user of this software. In the paragraphs below, we are presenting some curious information that might enrich your experience of the VPN. If you are still unconvinced that you need to use it, after reading the information below, you might better appreciate the usefulness of the VPN and decide to download it to your computer.

VPN vs Firewall

Do you know the difference between the VPN and a firewall, for example? Firewalls function like a sifter that checks data packets going through the network or your computer, protecting it from viruses. VPNs, by contrast, use tunnel encryption to secure the information that travels between servers. With Virtual Private Networks, it is harder for viruses to get into your computer. Yet this is not to say that the VPN is more useful than the firewall. They are different and protect the network differently: the firewall protects your computer through sifting. The VPN does this by making you invisible. It alters your IP address and location and thus allows you to surf any website you want undetected.

Cheaper Website Subscriptions

Precisely this ability of the VPN to camouflage your online presence can help you save money on subscriptions. Everybody knows that companies providing streaming services and many other internet websites adjust their subscription prices depending on your geographical location. For example, if you are a UK resident, you will pay $9.11 for the Netflix library consisting of 5702 items. Colombians pay Netflix only $5.40 for the pleasure of watching 4131 movies and shows. If you live in Denmark, you will pay $11.88 for only 3305 items. By using the Virtual Private Network, you can change your IP address to that of the country where Netflix streams the richest arsenal of movies and shows for the lowest price. In so doing, you will get the best price of your Netflix online subscription.

Cheaper Flight Tickets

The same principle works for the prices of flights and hotels. By using the VPN, you can save money on your trip. The problem is that, like companies streaming movies and shows, booking websites change prices on airline tickets and hotel deals depending on people’s geographical location. If you use any American city as a point of sale, when searching for a flight ticket, you will get a higher price than when you search for the same ticket from, say, a Colombian city. A price difference between the cheapest flight in the US and Colombia searches may be as big as $55. With the VPN, you can change your location to any city where tickets for your flight are sold for the lowest price and thus pay less. There is only one caveat to mind, however. Do not access your e-banking or PayPal account through the VPN, because they will suspect a fraud.

Access to Blocked Content

Some governments, providers, or websites block access to certain content considered inappropriate either for political, ethical, or religious reasons. If you are in China, you will not be able to read articles on Bloomberg or use Twitter or Facebook. Nor will you search for information on Google there. Censorship is even harsher in the UAE. The country’s authorities crackdown on any content classified as offensive to its ethics and morality. Listed under this category are pornographic, anti-religious, and gambling websites. The authorities block them in the first place, along with Israeli websites, Wikipedia articles, and Skype. If you are located in China, the UAE, or any other country banning particular websites and services, the VPN can help you circumvent all restrictions and successfully gain the information you need. 

There are more benefits that people can reap from the Virtual Private Network. You will discover new ways to make your life more entertaining and easier when you download a VPN and start actively using it.  


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