The best video compressor 2020


Part 1: The need for video compressors

With high-quality videos and advanced formats the file size becomes large that occupies a lot of storage space. So if you have a collection of these high-quality videos, struggling to find the storage space is quite regular and normal. Moreover when removing the file is not an option, storing the videos become difficult. In all these and several other situations, compression plays an important role as it facilitates reducing the file size while retaining all the important information. There are several compression tools available with varied functioning and depending on the files you have and other requirements, the most suitable one can be selected. Learn more about free video compressor.


Part 2: The best video compressor of 2020 – Wondershare UniConverter

If you want to settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to video compression Wondershare UniConverter is the best tool to use. This is a versatile Windows and Mac-based software that supports a wide range of features including video compression. Single or multiple files for batch processing can be added to the interface and the compression process takes place without any quality loss. The software compresses your videos in the best manner selecting the parameters on its own and there is also an option where you can choose the file size, resolution, and the bit rate. The Preview function lets you check the 20seconds of the compressed video before the actual process.


Steps to compress videos using Wondershare UniConverter:


Step 1: Choose video compression function

Open the software on your system and from the main interface select Video Compressor option


Step 2: Add videos to be compressed

Click on the + sign to browse and import the video to be processed. Multiple files can be added and alternatively, you can even drag and drop the files to the interface


Step 3: Choose file parameters

The added videos will appear on the interface with a thumbnail image and file details. If you want to select your file parameters, click on the editing icon and aA pop-up window called Your preferred output size will now open. At this window, move the slider next to the File Size: tab to select the preferred output size of the file. As the slider is moved, the quality, the quality, and bit rate changes accordingly. Next, select the format and the resolution from their respective drop-down menus. To check the 20sec of the compressed video click on the Preview button.

To confirm the changes click on the OK button.

Note: This step can be skipped if you want the software to compress the files on its own.


Step 4: Compress video

Browse and select the desktop location to save the compressed files at the Output tab. Finally, click on the Compress button next to the file to start the compression process. On the software interface, the processed files can be checked and managed from the Finished tab.


Part 3: Other features of Wondershare UniConverter


Working a complete video-toolbox, Wondershare supports an array of other useful features in addition to video compression. Some of the other key features supported by the software are as follows:

  1. Convert: With support to more than 1000 formats, the Wondershare software supports file conversion without any loss in quality. The pre-set for devices is also supported for the conversion by the software to avoid any compatibility issues. Batch processing further makes the task quick by converting multiple files at a time. You can also select the quality of the output file as required.
  2. Edit: To customize your files the software comes with a built-in editor that supports features like trim, watermark, crop, effect, subtitle, and audio. The functions are simple to use and also has an output preview option to check the files as they will appear after the changes are done.
  3. Burn: Videos in an array of formats can be burned into a DVD disc, Blu-ray disc, DVD folder, or an ISO file using the software. There are several built-in templates available with the software that helps in creating personalized and professional-looking discs. There is also an option to add background music or background picture to your disc.
  4. Download: Video downloads from over 10,000 sites including popular names like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others is supported by the Wondershare software. The process of downloading is simple and quick where you just need to paste the video link to the interface. You can even download an entire YouTube playlist or select to download MP3 from the videos. The Download then Convert Mode of the software further allows you to choose the output format of the downloaded files. There is also an option to download the thumbnail.
  5. Record: The record feature of the software allows you to record the live screen like a skype video call, a presentation, music video, and others. There is also a choice to do webcam recording as well as an audio recording. The process is simple and there is a countdown for you to prepare before the actual process starts.


Thus for video compression, conversion, editing, recording, download, and several other features, Wondershare UniConverter is the best software to install.


By Jamshaid Jutt

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