The Blockchain will Split the Bill for You


Put down your forks. Forget about splitting the bill down to the very last cent. With “The Divi Project,” one of Australia’s most successful blockchain startups, this is set to become a thing of the past.

Built on the world’s most advanced and secure blockchain, The Divi Project is a new generation coin that promises to change the cryptocurrency market profoundly. With its groundbreaking Proof-of-Stake Velocity (PoSV) mining algorithm, easy access for users across the globe, and transaction fees of less than US$0.01, The Divi Project is set to bring blockchain payment technology into the hands of everyone with an internet connection.

Alakanani Itireleng, Botswana’s leading blockchain expert and Co-Founder of The Divi Project, says: “The only way Bitcoin will be successful is if it goes mainstream. For Bitcoin to go mainstream, you need a lot of things to happen, but I think the number one obstacle is a lack of user-friendliness.”

“People need a cryptocurrency that they can use in their daily lives. So we’ve made it our mission to make Divi accessible and easy to use for everyone, including absolute beginners,” she says.

The team at The Divi Project says they are taking a massive step towards making this happen by introducing the world’s first user-friendly controller node system.

“The big difference with our cryptocurrency is that we have taken advanced technologies and made them very simple, using everyday language to make it easier for everyone to use and understand.”

“We call it Masternode/Proof-of-Stake Velocity (Masternode/PoSV), and it is a breakthrough,” says Danny Johnson, US marketer for The Divi Project.

“Our system allows anyone to set up their Masternode easily. Masternodes are computers that run the Divi blockchain 24 hours a day, making transactions super-fast. They can also be used to vote on projects funded by The Divi Project and the community. This makes our system democratic and transparent.”

“We believe this is an important development, as it will help drive adoption of cryptocurrencies like Divi in the future,” explains Alakanani Itireleng, Botswana’s leading blockchain expert and Co-Founder of The Divi Project.

“Currently crypto-fans are mostly computer geeks, but to go mainstream, it has to become user friendly.”

So far, the project has grown at a fantastic rate. Started only six months ago with no pre-mine or ICO, Divi has already grown to a market cap of US$2M. It is traded on one of the biggest exchanges globally, Bittrex, and is currently working toward getting listed on Binance, another extensive exchange.

The Divi Project’s mission is to help simplify cryptocurrency for everyone by putting the community first. Divi was designed with the latest blockchain technology to be easy for everyone, regardless of technical expertise or previous experience. For example, users can set up their controller node in 60 seconds, even if they’ve never used cryptocurrencies before.

“We want to help make cryptocurrency easier for people all over the planet,” said Johnson. “It isn’t great that there is so much division (political and religious) in the world, but it’s great to see people, no matter what country they are from, coming together to help us build something amazing.”

As the first cryptocurrency developed within a recognized legal framework, Divi ensures that your funds are kept safe at all times. In addition, they guarantee that there will never be more than 55 million coins in circulation – many cryptocurrencies have no cap on the number of coins that can be mined. This is known as pre-mining, which some traders see as forcing a devaluation of their cryptocurrency.

The Divi Project also launched its blockchain explorer to show investors at any time what’s going on in the system. also has a record of all transactions and the current price per coin, with graphs showing how much it’s worth over time.

The cryptocurrency is currently traded on Bittrex, one of the biggest exchanges in the world, which has given early investors a huge payback since its ICO in October 2017.

Recently, Divi announced the launch of its cryptocurrency exchange, coming soon to allow users to buy and sell their coins with minimal fees quickly.


Divi’s platform is a powerful tool that can easily send money from one person or entity to another while avoiding hefty transfer fees and other inconveniences. It can revolutionize cryptocurrency and for everyone because Divi makes it fun and easy to use!

By Patrick Lee

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