Tips for Creating Effective Business Videos

by Lily White
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Businesses love making business videos to promote themselves. These videos show the public a behind-the-scenes view of how everything happens. This is a great way to promote yourself as a business or brand. Bur, most people who try creating a business video fail to get the basics right. Many factors go into making an effective as well as engaging business video. Here are some key factors that can help you create an excellent and effective business video.


Have Proper Equipment

Even if you’re making a business video for your small company or for your YouTube channel, you need the proper equipment. It is not only what you are presenting but also how you are presenting it that will be judged by your viewers. A good camera, lights, and microphones are crucial to making a good business video. There has to be a certain level of professionalism to your work if you want people to take you seriously. A small investment now will always pay off in the future.


Know What to Wear

Before you begin shooting, plan out your wardrobe. The first impression is the most important one. This is something you always have to remember. Yes, people will be focused on your presentation, but they will also notice your clothes. You may not know this, but clothes also convey a message and give the viewer an idea about the person wearing it. There are multiple blueprints on how to dress online to understand what color clothes go with what skin tone or what lipstick to wear, etc.


Decide Where to Film

Location is crucial to your business video. Decide where you wish to film your videos as it will also say a lot about what you want to put forward to the audience. You can choose from an indoor location to an outdoor one. But be aware that each comes with its pros and cons. Once you have your location set, you will need to tape some practice recordings to get the right angle, light, and color correction. You will also need to find a place that does not have too many ambient noises in the background, as it could become distracting in the video.


Set Up Your Camera

Always remember to set up your camera before you start filming your video. Shoot some practice footage to get the lighting and color balance in order. Ensure you also set it up in the right position so that whatever you want is in the frame. You can also use tape or paint on the floor to make where things need to be so that you do not forget. Tape some recordings to see if your lights are adequate and your sound is on point.


Prepare Your Video’s Content

When you have made a few practice tapes, you can try a rough edit on them to get an idea of how you want to present your content. Try out different angles to see which suits you the best. Try out different camera positions to see which works best. If needed, you can rent out a teleprompter or write talking points on a cue card and keep it behind your camera. When using a teleprompter or a cue card, one thing to remember is to glance at it and not read it back and forth, as this can easily be seen in the video. Also, this will be a good time to decide where you wish to upload your video. You can use sites like InVideo or YouTube.


Decide How You Want to Record It

You can either use a tripod stand or even a cheap selfie stick. It depends on how you wish to represent yourself in your videos. If you want to give it a more professional feel, then a tripod stand and a calm environment is the best way to go. But, if you’re looking for a rawer feel, then you can pull it off via a selfie stick. It all depends on how you wish to present your ideas to your viewers, as this will be how they associate your brand.


Make Yourself Look Good

Before hitting the record button, always make sure you look as you need to look. Make sure your hair is the way you want it, your clothes are in proper order, and that your face isn’t too sweaty. Always keep a mirror next to your recording place to make sure you can always see yourself before you hit the record button. Also, always keep some makeup and a towel ready. The makeup will be to hide the pimples or marks on your face. And the towel will be to wipe the sweat on your forehead.


Get Ready for Action

There are multiple articles on the web for people who are first trying out making self-made business videos. These articles will tell you how you should present yourself and how you should prepare yourself for your first video. Always take a deep breath before recording and have a small smile on your face before saying your first word. There are multiple tips online that you might find helpful in gaining the confidence to make self-made business videos.


Have Some Catchphrases

Catchphrases are something that everyone loves and can help people get attracted to your content. Have a catch catchphrase that can be the slogan of your brand. Something that people will naturally attach to your brand by just hearing it. You can also have a call to action slogan at the end like “For more information, check out our website at ____.”


Once Done, Start Editing

There are multiple video editing tools online to help you edit your first video. You can use paid tools or even free ones like a Youtube video editor like this one here that can help you start ending your video. Learning how to use a video editing tool is quite simple and takes a few hours of practice. Once you have mastered it, you can edit your videos and make them look professional. In case video editing is too new for you, you can easily find a freelance editor to edit your video. You will need to spend some money on them, but they can easily do it faster and provide a higher quality of the video.



Following a few tips can easily create professional videos. Make sure you are ready beforehand and practice the techniques to get great results.



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