Why Teach Global Education?

by Meili
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Having a global perspective in the classroom allows many more links for children and the world in which they live. It supports connections that are in children’s every day lives. It is upholds core values such as inclusivity, acceptance and a sense of identity and shared responsibilities towards our world. Global Education includes perspectives such as interdependence, globalisation, peace and conflict resolution, sustainability, identity, relationships and a positive attitude towards diversity.

Children are growing up in an environment where the world is their oyster-literally! They are already tech-savvy, the world-wide web is at their fingertips and they are not scared to use it. From the television shows and movies they are watching, the nightly news and an awareness of where goods and resources come from, these kids are global. And that can be without going anywhere.

The truth is however, these kids are also travelers. More families are transient in their working life and overseas holidays are widely experienced by many children growing up. Their eyes are keen to see the world and if it is not during primary school, you can bet they will get there later!

With younger children, they will often know of a friend or peer who is from another country or have their own relatives that live somewhere else. It is our job as educators to set these links up for them and continue them in their learning. Children are engaged when learning is relevant. Global Education allows children the possibilities of seeing their role in the world. They see that choices that they make can make a difference to our world and other people’s lives. Global Education raises awareness and can empower children to instigate some aspect of positive change. They begin contributing to a more just world. Whether it be local or global, there is something that will matter to them. And it is all just a ripple effect. Planting that seed may just enable them to instigate a life long change. What’s more relevant than that? Your role as a teacher can be very influential.

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